10 Foods YOU Eat WRONG

2 years

You probably think that you’re eating food correctly, but if you really stop and think about it you’ll notice how many annoyances you go through to eat the foods you love. Instead of the eating rituals you are used to, try these new strategies to make eating so much easier and more convenient.

1. Bananas

We are used to peeling a banana from the stem down. However, if we take a clue from our simian cousins and flip the banana over and give a gentle squeeze to the bottom of the peel, the peel will open up, which is much easier.

2. Chicken Wings

Annoyance is usually the feeling when you leave a delicious chicken wing half eaten with meat wedged between the bones. An easy trick to getting every bite of that tasty morsel is to pull the cartilage off at the wide part of the wing, gently twist and remove the small bone. Repeat this process, removing the larger bone, then you are able to enjoy the entire tidbit.

3. Ketchup and Fries

So often when you get fries in the drive through, you are left to figure out how you’re going to dip them in the tiny ketchup packets you’ve been given. Instead of just squirting the contents onto your fries, you can carefully tear off the top of the packet and make a tiny bowl perfect for dipping.

4. Cupcakes

Do you find it difficult to get the right proportion of frosting and cake in each bite of your cupcake? Or maybe you’re sick of getting frosting nose with each bite. Twist off the bottom half of the cake part and place it on top to make a sandwich-like structure.

5. Oranges

Instead of struggling with small pieces of the outer skin, try cutting off each end and then making a slice vertically into the orange. Roll it out to reveal succulent wedges for all to enjoy.

6. Watermelon

Cut a seedless watermelon in half. Take each half and make three horizontal cuts on either side of the watermelon only cutting through the rind. Then cut around the perimeter of each half. The last step is to hatch cut the fruit in each half. Turn the watermelon over, slightly push and bite size pieces will fall into a waiting bowl.

7. Chinese Take-Out

You don’t need to provide your own plates when you get take-out from a Chinese restaurant. The appropriate way to eat Chinese food is to break-down the box around the food, creating a proper plate. Also, it is good to learn how to eat with chopsticks for the full experience.

8. Mangos

This delectable treat can get quite messy when slicing. Try cutting the fruit in half and sliding each side down an 8 oz glass. The inside will peel out leaving workable fruit to cut, slice or dice.

9. Candy Apples

We usually eat this sweet treat but holding the stick upright and biting into it from the top. Try turning the stick sideways and eating the apple like a corn on the cob to avoid a sticky predicament.

10. Strawberries

It’s pretty surprising how much of the strawberry is thrown away when slicing it for a dessert or salad. Try pushing a hollow straw through the bottom to the top only coring the fruit leaving you able to enjoy much more of this delectable morsel.

Source: http://www.minq.com/