Every Woman Should Know This Trick! Here’s Why?

3 years

No woman goes outside without putting a hygienic pad in her purse, but not many of them are aware that the pads can be used for more than just your period. They are wrapped in cotton and packed in waterproof foils, making them an ideal tool for numerous alternative uses. Here’s what hygienic pads can help you with:

1. Cover and protect wounds

Hygienic pads are great for stopping bleeding – if you don’t have any medical equipment, bandages and tools around, sanitary napkins will cover the wound just fine. They will prevent contamination and speed up the healing process – just place the pad on the wound and secure it with duct tape lightly. Hygienic pads are great DIY bandages.

2. Filter dirty water before boiling it

If you’re in a desperate situation where you must drink unsafe, dirty water, you can filter it through a hygienic pad first before boiling it to make it safe for drinking. Fill a large container with the dirty water, and put the pad over the mouth, securing it tightly with a duct tape. The method is not 100% effective, but it’s still a great way of filtering dirty water.

3. Clean up wet messes

Hygienic pads are literally indestructible paper towels which can act as a disposable cleanup pad. They will work even better if they contain baking soda. If you want to clean your dirty microwave, soak a hygienic pad in water and heat it for a minute – the steam which rises from it will soften any hard stains on the inside. Use the pad to wipe the microwave when you’re done. You can also use the pads to soak up melted ice-cream and remove any wet, gooey mess inside your fridge. The baking soda pads are ideal for deodorizing the fridge after cleaning – just open the pad up and leave it in the fridge, and all the odors will be instantly absorbed.

4. Breast pads

If you’re breastfeeding or suffering from a leaky boob syndrome, cut a sanitary pad in half and stick it into your bra.

5. Control your sweating

If you’re sweating too much, you can use the pads as an odor absorber and sweat protector. Stick them inside your armpits and replace them when they are soaked. Sanitary pads can be used as headbands as well.

6. Make a cheap eye shadow shield

Cut a hygienic pad in 3 pieces, then take one and peel off the covering. Stick it to the back of your hand to lessen the stickiness, then apply it on your cheeks below the eyes to stop the eye shadow from going around.

7. Grow some beans or alfalfa seeds

Soak a pad in water until it’s finely soaked, then put it in a glass jar lying flat down. Now, sprinkle the seeds of the sprouts and put the jar in a sunny place – in just a short time, the sprouts should start growing into a delicious produce!