6 Natural Ways to Avoid Crippling Kidney Stone Pain

2 years
6 Natural Ways to Avoid Crippling Kidney Stone Pain

I’m here to discuss kidney stones, yes kidney stones. You’ve probably heard enough about these little nuisances throughout your lifetime, but have you ever experienced them? My job here is to provide you with some tips that will help you prevent kidney stones altogether.

Here are the top 6 kidney stone prevention techniques.

1. Not All Kidney Stones Are Equal

There are many kinds of kidney stones that can develop within your kidneys and intestines. For example, the are uric acid stones that come from having a diet high in meat and seafood. These high protein foods contain a chemical compound known as purines. This compound produces uric acid that has to be expelled by the kidneys, which is not easy. So to help prevent uric acid stones cut down on your meat and seafood intake.

2. There May Be More Than One

Simply passing a few stones once does not mean you are immune from them again. The fact of the matter is people who have experienced kidney stones tend to get lazy with regards to taking care of their bodies. Take the necessary medication and follow your doctor’s’ nutritional advice.

3. Oxalate Stones: The Most Popular Type Of Kidney Stones

Oxalate can be found in many common foods and drinks, for example, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, chocolate, and tea. Many people believe that if you avoid oxalate-rich foods you will prevent kidney stones. Instead, you should eat and drink calcium and oxalate-rich food during meals. This then allows for oxalate and calcium to bind together in your stomach and intestines. This bond makes it less likely for kidney stones to develop.

4. Maintain a Good Relationship With Calcium

Much like oxalate foods, calcium-rich foods are thought to create kidney stones. This causes people to cut down their calcium intake, which is ultimately bad for them. The key is to maintain good calcium to oxalate-rich food diet and avoid sodium, which causes the most problems for your kidneys.

5. Your Sweat Tells You More Than You Think

Sweating is generally good for your health. But when it comes to kidney stones your sweat could be doing some harm. What I mean is your sweat causes less urine production. This puts you at risk of kidney stones because the less you urinate allows for stone-causing minerals to settle and bond in your kidneys and urinary tract.

Instead, make sure you keep hydrated at all times. Keep this in mind when you are working out or just being physically active in any way you feel necessary. This will ensure that you don’t develop kidney stones, which are not fun to deal with.

6. What You Eat and Drink is Important

Try to eat foods and drink beverages that have a high citrate content Foods and drinks like this are often helpful when dealing with kidney stones. They are especially helpful because the citrate in your urine may help prevent the calcium from binding with others harmful things that cause kidney stones, or prevent stones from getting any bigger. Consider changing your lifestyle up a little bit, this could prove to be very valuable to your kidney stone situation.

Use this information to your advantage because it will collectively ensure that you never suffer from any form of kidneys stones. Trust me when I say getting rid of kidney stones is no walk in the park. For more information on kidney stones consult your doctor.

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