The Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!

3 years
The Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!

Alfredo Bowman popularly known as Dr. Sebi was born in the small village of Ilanga in Spanish Honduras on the 26th of November, 1933.

He was treated and completely cured of obesity and diabetes by an alternative medical practitioner in Mexico in the late ’60s.

Since he experienced this life changing event, he was determined to help others like him who had sought relief in conventional medicine with no success.

Dr. Sebi has provided cures for a number of ailments, some of which include sickle cell anemia, cancer, diabetes and even HIV/AIDS.

Using purely natural remedies Dr. Sebi has been patronised by celebrities across the world. These celebrities include Steven Seagal, Michael Jackson and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes to mention but a few.

The office of the attorney general of New York sued Dr. Sebi in 1988 after he had placed an advertorial in the daily local newspapers claiming he could cure any disease.

During the trial of Dr. Sebi he was told to produce as witnesses at least one fully cured patient for each ailment he claimed he could cure.

Amazingly, a total of 70 patients came forward and as a result the case was dropped in favour of Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi has told anyone who cares to listen that the “secret” to curing all ailments is in eliminating plaque buildup and inflammation in the body.

He also states that diseases thrive in an acidic environment and so getting your body alkalized will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Lisa ;Left Eye’ Lopes before her death had gone through a period of alcohol and nicotine abuse and was seeking a remedy for her challenges. She came in contact with Dr. Sebi who told her to go on a fast to purify her system, she therefore embarked on a forty day fast.

At the end of the fast she felt purified and spiritually fulfilled and even promised to make Dr. Sebi famous by telling the whole world about him and his natural remedies.

Dr. Sebi’s experience just proves that there is a lot of benefits in alternative medicine that conventional medical practitioners are reluctant to acknowledge for fear of a dramatic switch in people’s belief system, turning from seeking help in conventional medicine to patronising alternative medical practitioners.

This they fear is not without reason as they believe it will lead to a significant loss in profits and that is ‘something they cannot allow to happen.