Stroke Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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It is always necessary to know about the causes of a stroke and its identification signs. Getting immediate medical help can prevent serious damage. A stroke can cause disability or even death, if ignored.

In the United States, it is considered as the fourth leading cause of death and second leading cause of disability.

Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke are the two types. Ischemic strokes are cause due to a block in any blood vessel and are more commonly found in people. Hemorrhagic strokes are cause due to bleeding in the brain and are rarer.

There are a few common signs of a possible stroke. Others symptoms vary from person to person. That depends upon which part of your brain is being affected. The amount of damage will also depend upon that.  The signs are:

– If a person is not able to speak or understand what others are telling

– If the person is losing sense of coordination and is not able to walk.

– Numbness on one side of the body or arm, leg or face.

The acronym F.A.S.T helps one remember the symptoms:

Face: if the person’s face droops upon smiling.

Arms: when the person’s arms fall down while lifting them

Speech:  if the person’s speech sounds slurry or odd.

Time: time is of utmost importance. Call an ambulance immediately if any of the signs are observed.  If the treatment is given within 3-4 hours of the occurrence of symptoms, the person may be cured completely.

Other symptoms that may occur:

– Severe headache for which the cause is not known.

– Paralysis

– Dizziness

– Not being to see properly

Stroke usually happens suddenly. Always seek medical help as soon as possible. If the symptoms worsen, it becomes more difficult to treat. Do not ignore the warning signs.



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