Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cysts Most Women Ignore Every Day (And What To Do If You See Them)

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Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cysts Most Women Ignore Every Day (And What To Do If You See Them)

Ovarian cysts can occur to anyone and at any age, throughout the reproductive years of a woman. They are wall-filled sacs that form within the ovary (or sometimes the ovaries) in females. They can be big or small. Ovarian cysts are formed due to buildup of small eggs, which occurs because of enhanced hormonal levels.

When there is large number of cysts in an ovary, this condition is referred to as polycystic ovary disease. Today, more and more women are having it. So much so that it is now a common disease. They are usually harmless, but if you don’t get treated in time they can grow large.

Treatment starts with the normalization of hormone levels. This helps in stopping the cysts from growing.

Natural Remedies

1. Licorice

Licorice has amazing healing properties, thanks to which it is beneficial in maintaining your hormonal balance. It is effective in the treatment of ovarian cysts and improving your adrenal glands’ functioning. If you want a safe home remedy for ovarian cysts, licorice is one of the best options.

Using Licorice to Fight Ovarian Cysts:

– Take some licorice in a bowl and boil for around 5 minutes

– Then leave it for around 6 minutes

– Once it has become cool, strain the liquid

You can drink the liquid two times everyday.

2. Chasteberry

Chasteberry is an herb that is considered as a powerful medicine. It is used for most gynecological problems. It works by shrinking the ovarian cysts and giving you relief from pelvic pain. It also helps in controlling your menstrual flow.

Chasteberries have diterpenes in them and they help with reducing the production of hormone oestrogen in the brain. This is what helps with the maintenance of hormonal balance.

Using Chasteberry:

– Take 3 tsp of dried chasteberries in a bowl of water and boil for 15 minutes

– Strain this extract

Drink a couple of cups everyday.

3. Red Clover

Red clover’s high nutrient content includes vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and potassium. All this helps in maintaining good health of the female reproductive system. It also helps in improving your fertility. You can use it both for the treatment of ovarian cysts and maintenance of normal menstrual cycle.

Using Red Clover:

– Take 2 tsp of dried red clover flowers in a bowl with water

– Boil it for around 15 minutes

– Filter this tea

Drink 3-4 cups everyday.

4. Dandelion

Dandelion works by reducing secretion of excess hormones that can cause ovarian cyst formation. It will not only stop the cysts from growing, it can also shrink them. Another benefit of using dandelion is that it can also lessen the inflammation and pelvic pain that’s caused by ovarian cysts.

Using Dandelion: Just boil the dandelion leaves.

You can drink it thrice daily and get its benefits.

5. Black Cohosh

Black cohosh works by improving your blood circulation and balancing the hormones. This causes the ovarian cysts to shrink. There are even more benefits to using this amazing herb. It also helps in giving you relief from pelvic inflammation and menstrual cramps.

You can also find black cohosh in tablet form. Take just one tablet daily for improving the condition.



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