The Method of Nikolai Shevchenko for Treating Cancer with an Unrefined Oil and Pure Alcohol

2 years
The Method of Nikolai Shevchenko for Treating Cancer with an Unrefined Oil and Pure Alcohol

The method of Russian healer Nikolai Shevchenko continues to cause concern. That treats cancer through an unrefined sunflower oil and pure alcohol.

1. Optimum dose?
Daily it 1-1.35 oz an unrefined sunflower oil and 0.5-0.57 oz 95 degrees clean drinking alcohol.

 It should be stressed that all patients regardless of the stage of the disease and the localization of the disease during the first 4 to 7 days of treatment followed burning feeling and a lump in the throat, feeling for swelling of the esophagus.

3. Other oils except sunflower oil does not have the same effect.

4. Ultimately alcohol can be replaced with 1-1.35 oz 40-degree vodka. But in such a situation increases several times for drug possession. Moreover, when disease as lymphosarcoma affects only the combination of pure alcohol with sunflower oil.

5. The drug should drink half an hour before meals – three times a day. Mixtures do not placed in a spoon, but in advance both ingredients are pouring into a small bottle, closes, then shake vigorously for 2 minutes and drink the mixture immediately.

6. After the first and second ten-day treatment should be given a five-day break. In the third decade must be a pause of 14 to 21 days maximum.

7. The use of the drug should continue a year, maybe two – while patient completely cured.

8. The observations by Nikolay Shevchenko that how much worse they feel ill and doctors say the less he left to live, the faster and more significant place his recovery.

9. Early in treatment metastases cease to develop.

10. No other anticancer treatments are not compatible with the method of Shevchenko – here’s why this method is only offered to patients whose medicine is no longer able to help.

11. During treatment can be received only painkillers, hypnotic and cathartic drugs, and on the recommendation of a doctor.

12. It is not necessary to comply with diet, but should limit fruit juices. Not allowing the introduction of intravenous glucose.

More Information:

The full description of the method, its biological explanation, Q&A, further details and hundred letters from healed people can be found on the official N.V.Shevchenko’s website (in Russian, use ‘Google Translate’ or ‘Bing Translate’ if needed):