SHE DIES Make Sure You Have This On The Body And For You Not to Be Late

2 years

Clare Daly had only 29 years old when she was diagnosed with skin cancer, the same one who had her mother. Since, for aesthetic reasons given to remove the stain just in the place where the cancer broke out, and the doctors failed to send it to biopsy, the girl was diagnosed with melanoma too late to save her life.

Light skin, Clare loved to stay in the sun, but never too exhibited its rays. She was always careful.

“Diagnosis of us was a real shock. When she was young, has repeatedly been in the solarium, or avoiding them. Always be protected from sunlight, “said Daly Mail for her brother Michael McNally.

In July 2014, Clare was married to her longtime boyfriend Paul Daly. People say that they were perfect for each other. Life was against her.

Just a year earlier, Clare removed the stain from the left shoulder, because she was in the way of dress codes. Doctors who removed it failed to send it to biopsy, to determine whether it may be skin cancer.

Two years after the removal of moles and only one after marrying, Clare began to feel pain in the shoulder. At first he thought it was just a strained muscle, but the pain is getting worse, so she visited a doctor.

She was referred chiropractor, but he is determined that it is not a strained muscle. Just 4 months after it emerged her pain diagnosed melanoma.

Clare was told he would not live long, but her family says, despite everything, to the very end, trying to be cheerful, because of them.

“Until the very end was fair and in the mood for conversation. Nevertheless, she has not changed, “said her brother, who founded the foundation in her name and on behalf of all persons who are suffering from melanoma.