Lose Weight with Eggplant and Lemon Water

2 years
Lose Weight with Eggplant and Lemon Water

Many refer to it as “miracle water.” It’s a really simple recipe that not only helps shed those unwanted pounds, but also gives you more energy throughout your day. We’re all familiar with the huge health benefits of eggplant. Yet, did you know that by combining eggplant with lemon, you’re increasing its beneficial properties even more? We’ll explain how to lose weight with eggplant and lemon water in this article!

Why is eggplant good for weight loss?  What are the benefits?


The benefits are numerous, without a doubt. Eating eggplant often will not only help you control your waist line and shed those extra pounds, but it will also help you provide you with plenty of the vitamins, nutrients, fiber and minerals that your body needs. Let’s look at some more of the benefits of eggplant:

  • Eating eggplant improves circulation due to its high content of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents heart disease and promotes blood flow.  Excellent properties, for sure.
  • It is a great diuretic.
  • Eggplants are low calorie and contain a lot of water, which makes them a great addition to any diet.
  • Their high potassium content makes them excellent for nervous and cardiovascular health.
  • Eggplant helps cleanse the body and lower blood sugar levels, making it great for diabetics.
  • It helps lower cholesterol by absorbing the fats from the foods it’s eaten with, in addition to eliminating toxins and regulating digestion. Fantastic, indeed.
  • Eggplant is high in fiber, preventing constipation.
  • It also stimulates bile production and protects the liver.
  • Eggplant is rich in iron and magnesium, making it more than perfect for preventing anemia, improving heart and muscle function and strengthening the immune system.

How do I lose weight with eggplant and lemon?

eggplant smoothie

The easiest way to lose weight with eggplant and lemon is with water.  It’s easy to make, so let’s get started:

1.  What do I need?

  • A medium-sized eggplant and if it’s organic, even better, because we’ll know it’s natural and hasn’t been exposed to dangerous pesticides.
  • A medium-sized lemon that isn’t too ripe.
  • A liter of water.
  • A large glass pitcher.

2.  How do I make it?

  • The first thing you should do is clean the eggplant well.  Wash with a little apple cider vinegar and baking soda to remove all types of toxins and pesticide residues. Be sure to rinse well with plenty of cold water.
  • Cut the eggplant into slices, no more than a half an inch thick, leaving the skin on.
  • Now fill the large glass pitcher with the eggplant slices, placing one on top of another, then fill the jar with water.
  • Now add the juice of one lemon and stir with a long wooden spoon and place in the refrigerator.
  • Let sit overnight in the fridge so the water can absorb the eggplant juices and their properties, which will be even further enhanced, not to mention refreshing, thanks to the lemon.

3.  How should I drink eggplant and lemon water for weight loss?weightloss

Drink the eggplant and lemon water throughout the day.  Here’s an example of a simple daily diet you can follow:

  • Breakfast: A glass of eggplant-lemon water, a cup of oatmeal and an apple.
  • Lunch: Drink a glass of the eggplant water before eating and follow it with a salad made with spinach, nuts, low-fat cheese, and pineapple chunks.
  • Afternoon:  Drink a glass of eggplant water.
  • Dinner:  Drink a glass of eggplant water before eating a salad made with chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes, papaya, walnuts, olive oil and a splash of lemon juice, followed by a main course of boiled artichokes drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.

As you can see from our simple example, we’ve drunk the entire liter of eggplant and lemon water. If consumed before meals, it makes us feel fuller and also helps the stomach digest and eliminate fats, improving overall digestion and cleansing the body.

Don’t forget that there are no miracle diets out there that do not require some will power and exercise. Therefore, you should exercise at least an hour a day by either walking, biking, or doing some simple exercises at home. Your body is worth the effort.