The Scientists Discovered How Often You Should Clean Your Home

3 years
The Scientists Discovered How Often You Should Clean Your Home

People clean just as much time as they have but, there are hygienic rules that should be respected. From suction and wiping dust to cleaning the bathroom these are the rules:

Many people consider themselves as lazy and do not clean their place and on the other hand there are some who exaggerate with cleaning. In any case, people have to maintain the hygiene in the home because cleaned living space is one basic need for proper health. Do you exaggerate or neglect your hygiene at home learn from the following recommendations by several scientists. Consider how often you perform your daily chores, beware, crumbs should not be present on the floor and dust should not be present at your furniture.

Changing bedclothes

  • You should change your bedding once a week but do not worry you can change it sometimes even for 2. The same applies to cushion covers and when it comes to coverings you should not change it that much often because the sweat usually goes on the pillows and the bedding.

Vacuum cleaning

  • Many of us use the vacuum cleaner once a week and it is considered as minimum for maintaining the cleanliness in the home. Before using, you should clear the dust and for ideal results you should use your vacuum cleaner twice a week. But, if you have pet or little children then it is necessary that you should use it daily at least in the room where u usually spend most of your time.

Cleaning the tub and the toilet shell

  • After every showering you should wash the tub and once a week you should clean it with abrasive product, vinegar or disinfectant. Also, you should clean the toilet shell minimum once a week and during the week you should every day clean the board with wipes for cleaning.


  • The refrigerator can be home for bacteria and you should not ignore its cleaning. The fridge should be cleaned once a month preferably with vinegar. The freezer should be cleaned frequently  for example, defrost it and clean it once in six months.


  • Once a week wipe it well and thoroughly with  means for ovens once a month to prevent the formation of hard- line spots.


  • When the food is heated into the microwave it comes to evaporation from the fueling, this is why you should place pan with mixture of water and vinegar into the microwave in 1:1 ratio once a week. Warm it up and wipe it with dry towel. Once a month clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning carpets

  • If you have carpets that are easy to suck and food does not remains on them  then, you should not clean them much often. It is enough to wipe them with cleaning means once in three months. If you have small children or pets, than clean it more often, at least once a month. The steps in the bathroom need to be cleaned every two to three days and be washed once a week due to the moisture and bacteria which are retained in them.