Symptoms And Treatment Of Periodontitis: It Is Important To Do This On Time!

3 years

As a result of the inflammation of the gums, the periodontitis occurs. This phenomenon often can be very painful and unbearable. 

What are the symptoms that indicate that the inflammation of the gums is possible to develop into disease?

  • You constantly feel bad breath and taste of metal in your mouth.
  • Your gums bleed while brushing and you do consume liquids.
  • Your gum retreats and this is very painful.
  • You have feeling that your teeth constantly sway and can turn out any moment.
  • During the inflammation the gums your gums are red with shiny color and swollen.

The biggest deposits are created in the area between the gums and teeth so pay attention to this particular part. Also, you should brush and clean your tongue; it is one very important task.

In addition, we present you several tips for getting rid of this illness:

  1. Dissolve sea salt in little amount of water and every day; 5-6 times rinse your mouth with this solution.
  2. Mix vinegar and water and several times daily rinse your mouth with it.
  3. At night before going to bed, brush your gums with little olive oil and fall asleep like that.