Bagged Salads Are Drenched In Chlorine And Covered In Bacteria, Eat This Instead!

3 years

Nowadays you have everything you need to make the cooking even easier. Namely you can find many different ingredients already pre-cooked, packed and almost ready for consummation. However the real question is, are these ingredients healthy, and are they good for your health?

Your quick lifestyle does not always allow you to make yourself a fresh salad. So you usually go to the nearest supermarket and you buy bagged salad. At this point you should know that you need to stop eating bagged salads immediately and start consuming the fresh ones.

Listeriais a type of bacterium that can enter your body through contaminated food. This bacterium was found in Dole brand salads. Even worst is that this bacterium can cause a miscarriage or stillbirth in pregnant women. This news is terrible, because in this particular case 15 people were hospitalized and one died, before the salads were recalled. In addition, you should know that in 2012 and 2013, E. coli was found in similar salads.

The information from the government report of 2015 are horrible and frightening. Namely the leading source of salmonella and listeria poisoning, were actually fruit and vegetables.

Emily Bazelon explained how the Escherichia coli appeared in the bagged salads. Let us explain you from the beginning. These vegetables come from different farms. Then they are putted through three different chlorinated baths. Next they are dried and sealed in plastic. The process of chlorination cannot eliminate E. coil. What we are trying to say is that, if you mix greens from different farms without treating them for contamination, e. coil is present.

This was a huge news and these cases of food poisoning were spread over 5 Canadian provinces and eight states. Also it was stated that these states received the poisoned salads and later had them further distributed. And the states that received the poisoned salads are: Alabama, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Indiana, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, these are the stores that sold the contaminated salads: FoodsCo, ALDI, Jay C, PriceRite, Giant, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Walmart and other stores.

This is why you immediately must switch to using fresh salads and avoid these infected bagged salads. In these cases even the washing will not help you eliminate the bacteria, but instead you will only spread around the germs. However if you still want to use bagged salad, you should at least use a vinegar solution to wash off the bacteria.


Source: Healthy Lifestyle Challenge