Just A Single Powerful Kitchen Spice Fix Obesity, Insomnia, Anemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Intestinal Worms, Detox Liver And…

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Just A Single Powerful Kitchen Spice Fix Obesity, Insomnia, Anemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Intestinal Worms, Detox Liver And…

Cumin or Jeera is a very special herb and one that is popular in a typical Indian dish or recipe.

The health benefits of this delightful herb include the following;

1.It will provide relief from indigestion

If you are having indigestion issues just add the following in equal measures – dry ginger, cumin, black pepper, long pepper and rock salt. You should consume with clean water just a tablespoon of the blended powder preferably after your meals and you will have relief from indigestion or dyspepsia problems.

2.It helps to alkalize your body

Cumin can be taken raw to help you with you acidity issues, just leave it in your mouth for a while then swallow after some time and you will get an instant relief from your acidity problems.

You can also mix it with sugar and coriander in equal measure blend. Take the combined powder twice daily with water and your acidity will be taken care of.

3.Get rid of intestinal worms infestation

Drink every morning and evening a mixture of clean drinking water (400ml) and about 15 grams of cumin that has been immersed in the water to boil until just about 100ml of water is left. Just drink about 20-40ml and it will eliminate your intestinal worms in no time.

4.Having loose motion?

To have relief from loose motion issues just mix about a glass of yogurt with five grams of cumin that has been roasted and grinded. You should ensure that it is properly stirred before you consume it.

5.Cumin takes care of chronic vomiting

To provide you with relief from chronic vomiting just have a tablespoon of roasted cumin that has been blended to a fine powder and raw natural honey preferably after your meals.

6.Relief from colds and cough

The antiseptic properties of cumin are effective against the phlegm in your thoracic region as well as your chest. It will get rid of common cold and cough symptoms, you can try this simple recipe at home – just boil some cumin seeds, then strain the water and drink it.

7.Cumin is effective against sleeplessness

Just mash a banana and add about half a teaspoon of roasted cumin powder to it. Eat this preferably as a desert after dinner and you will sleep like a baby.

8.Cumin takes care of body and stomach pains

To get some relief from body and stomach pains just drink a mixture of about 3 grams of fine blended cumin powder and lukewarm water.

9.Feeling anemic?

If you have an iron deficiency related medical condition or you are a pregnant woman then look no further than cumin. It is a rich source of iron and it will boost your iron levels quickly.

10.It will help to detoxify your liver

Your liver will be given a new lease of life with a daily intake of cumin as it will detoxify it and your entire body will be free from dangerous toxins, keeping you healthier and happier.

11.Constipation issues are quickly resolved with cumin

You can incorporate the following ingredients in equal measures to help resolve your constipation issues – dry ginger, cumin, curry powder and black pepper. Add some salt and butter to it and eat it with rice to ease your constipation concerns.

12.Effective against diabetes

You can take a glass of clean water with grinded cumin powder in it at least two times a day to lower your blood sugar level.

Source: healam.com