Alarming: People Are Injecting A Certain Virus In Bananas And Other Fruits – Take A Look

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Alarming: People Are Injecting A Certain Virus In Bananas And Other Fruits – Take A Look

A woman recently posted photos on Facebook of bananas with alleged blo0d injected on the fruit. The woman suspected that the blo0d found on the bananas are H!V positive as what she have read on the Internet.

banana ijected with H!V

According to Anna Aquavia, the woman who posted the photos on Facebook,

“This happened to my friends sister who lives in Nebraska but please share this and be aware. Someone is injecting blood into bananas. The hospital tested the bananna and it is indeed blood. After researching on the Internet apparently someone is injecting HIV positive blood into bananas and oranges.”

This thing really alarming since the blo0d injected in the bananas can be contagious and can be lethal to health.

What is H!V?
This infection could be one of the scariest nightmares could ever have. Since this health condition is really difficult to cure and even untreatable, having this condition can really make someone suffer on a lifetime basis. According to, H!Vor human immunodeficiency virus can lead to A!DS. What it does to the body is that it damages the bone marrow by directly affecting the cells making it hard for the marrow to not grow easily.

One of the most lethal effect of having H!V is that affects and weakens the immune system of the body. The immune system acts as the body’s defense against infection and other illness. So, once the body’s defensive mechanism was destroyed, infections and other health condition might easily occur.

Aquavia wanted to raise awareness regarding this issue of injecting H!V positive blo0d into fruits. The people who are doing this kind of thing still weren’t been surfaced.

banana ijected with H!V2

Everyone is being warned to be more observant on things happening around. When buying certain fruits, try to check if there are suspicious dark spots that can be found in the fruit’s skin.

Keep safe, everyone!

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