She Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Knee at Night – See The Next Morning Result!

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Cabbage is a leafy veggie that has several benefits for the human body.

It helps in reducing the risk of one developing cardiovascular ailments and type II diabetes.

It is also useful in the treatment of cuts and wounds as well as in easing digestive conditions.

Here are some uses of cabbage you can try at home.

1. Cabbage is a great pain relief remedy.

Cabbage has been used to ease pain and swelling.

It’s apigenin a flavonoid compound found in it gives it excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

If you want to use cabbage to treat minor pains you can try this remedial compress at home;

  • Get some cabbage leaves, wash and dry them.
  • Then apply the clean and dry leaves to the spot of the pain.
  • Keep the leaves stable with an adhesive plaster or a bandage.
  • Keep this in place all through the night.
  • Then ensure that you change the compress every day.
  • You can use any cabbage for the compress, however the red cabbage leaves have been know to be more potent.

2. Cabbage will reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

The high polyphenol levels found in cabbage helps to reduce blood pressure. The water-soluble pigmentation found in red cabbage — Anthocyanin is an active anti-inflammatory compound. To avoid cardiovascular issues you can use cabbage in the following ways;

  • Preserve the nutrients of cabbage by not steaming or boiling it.
  • Replace lettuce with cabbage in your favourite salads.
  • You can try drinking drinking a cup of cabbage juice everyday.

3. Digestive problems taken care of by cabbage.

If you have digestive problems then cabbage is good for you. It’s probiotics helps your intestinal walls to absorb minerals and vitamins better.

You can take care of your digestive issues with cabbage in the following ways;

  • Reduce your constipation worries by eating cabbage raw.
  • Drink cabbage juice to ease any stomach ulcers.
  • For diarrhea you can drink the cabbage juice of white or green cabbage and also between meals.

4. Cabbage will help you to manage Type 2 Diabetes.

It has been stated by the American Diabetes Association that cabbage has the ability to inhibit the body’s absorption of sugar which is great for people that are living with type II diabetes or prone to developing diabetes. Cabbage also has a high fiber content which will help the body to absorb any excess glucose in it.

You can manage your diabetes with cabbage in the following ways;

  • Eat cabbage at least thrice a week as a side dish.
  • You should drink cabbage juice two times daily.
  • You can boil cabbage, add lemon to it for added taste and consume.

5. Cabbage will aid the healing of wounds.

You can use cabbage to treat wounds in the following ways;

  • Get green cabbage leaves, wash and dry them.
  • Then you need to flatten the leaves using a rolling pin.
  • Chop up the leaves to an appreciable size.
  • Using a microwave oven heat up the leaves for about 45 seconds.
  • Apply the leaves to the wound, you will need to change the leaves every two hours initially, then later every five hours.

6. Cabbage will remove the pus buildup from ingrown toenails.

You can also remove the pus from an ingrown toenail using cabbage leaves.

  • Use a large bandage to hold a few cabbage leaves in place.
  • Just leave the leaves on the affected spot all through the night.
  • You should change the leaves everyday until the affected spot is fully healed.

Cabbage can be used for the treatment of several conditions so try it out today and be the better for it.

Source: Natural Medicine Box