Food Is Medicine: 14 Natural Painkillers in your Kitchen

2 years

Most of us deal with pain by taking over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin. But they can  be associated with a number of side effects, especially if used regularly or on a long-term basis. Here are natural painkillers that improve your health, mood, and energy level, while naturally boosting dopamine-stimulating endorphins in the brain to ease your pain.

14 Natural Painkillers in your Kitchen

Green Tea
Used for centuries for a variety of medicinal purposes, green tea is an excellent source of polyphenols which may help to reduce free radicals in the body which can cause inflammation.

Vitamin C
Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C has also been linked with pain relief. A Dutch study of more than 400 people found that daily doses of Vitamin C helped reduce pain in people with wrist fractures.

Peppermint is most often used as a natural remedy for toothaches, discomfort from bloating and gas, joint conditions, skin irritations, headaches and muscle pain.

Ginger Root
Ginger root is one of the most widely used herbs, as it is so helpful to heal so many health problems. The active ingredients in Ginger called gingerols, are powerful anti inflammatory compounds which work as a powerful natural pain killer.

Capsaicin is a derivative of hot peppers, the component which gives peppers their heat. Applied to the skin, it soothes pain by desensitizing pain-causing nerve receptors called C-fibers when applied to the skin.

This herb is used as a treatment for migraine headaches. It is believed that the way Feverfew leaf helps migraines is related to its action to reduce the production of serotonin.

Cayenne is thought to act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Capsaicin, the oily compound in cayenne and its peppery cousins, is the active ingredient in many prescription and over-the-counter creams, ointments, and patches for arthritis and muscle pain.

Turmeric Extract
Turmeric extract is made from the root of the Turmeric plant, and is a strong analgesic that may aid the pain of arthritis and toothache. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory action which makes it a natural pain killer, that will alleviate muscle aches and back pain.

Olive Oil
Here’s a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that’s comparable to over the counter pain medications. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil helps reduce the risk of strokes and some cancers.

Cloves, another great natural remedy to ease tooth or gum pain. Simply chew on a clove and it will release its powerful painkilling substance, eugenol. If you can’t bear the taste make strong clove tea instead.

Apple cider vinegar
ACV works alkalizing and helps your body to break down fat and protein more efficiently to avoid heartburn. If you often suffer from heartburn after a heavy meal, drink 1 glass of water with one tablespoons ACV before your meal or sip slowly after a meal to find relief.

Basil is an herb commonly used in Italian dishes. As well as providing an aromatic flavour, basil has numerous healing properties, similar to those of marijuana.

Manuka Honey
Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties. It has also shown promising results when it comes to bringing down levels of inflammation and pain.

Cherries, particularly the tart variety, are some of the most powerful antioxidant foods known to man. In fact, they have one of the highest recorded ORAC scores, a measure of a foods antioxidant potential.