Do You Feel Constantly Bugged By Mosquitoes? This Is The Reason Why!

2 years

You know those people who never seem to get bitten by mosquitoes? Those people who can go outside wearing shorts and a vest and still walk away unscathed?

I’m one of them. Jealous?

My sister and mother, on the other hand, aren’t quite as lucky – mosquitoes love to attack them everywhere we go. From the beach to the cottage, if mosquitoes are around they get the brunt of it.
But why is it that some people, like my mother and sister, seem to be under permanent attack from our sharp-tongued ‘friends’ while others, like me, never really have to worry?

One popular myth attributes this to mosquito victims’ blood being sweeter. But unfortunately, this explanation is just that – a myth.

It’s not just blind luck, is it?

No, mosquitoes actually do have a preference when it comes to who they’ll attack – that’s been confirmed in various studies.

And it turns out that preference could be due to the smell of your skin. At least that’s what a video from Tech Insider says.

Our skin is covered in a lot of bacteria – estimates put the number at one trillion. And it turns out that bacteria differs wildly from human to human, leading to each of us being covered in our own unique concoction of chemicals.

Certain combinations of chemicals make some humans more attractive to mosquitoes than others. A person’s body temperature has this effect as well, which is why people exercising outdoors seem to attract a lot of the insects as well.

Other things contribute to mosquito attraction as well, such as a person’s outfit – the old belief that dark colors attract mosquitoes is very true. It’s also true that mosquitoes are more likely to attack those who have recently drank alcohol.