9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Destroying You: The Ninth Is The Vilest!

2 years
9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Destroying You: The Ninth Is The Vilest!

Emotional abuse in relationships can leave you much bigger consequences than physical. It is often impossible to “escape” of this kind of relationship. If you are confused and can’t determine with certainty whether your partner is emotionally abusing you or not, the next nine characters should help you “open your eyes”.

Frequent mood swings

At one point, he is attentive, and gives you attention, and then, immediately afterwards starts yelling at you because you did something that did not suit him. Frequent mood swings indicate unbalanced person who empties his frustrations on someone else. Relationship which constantly alternates between bursts of tenderness to repentant words of apology has little chance to survive in the future. If you go through all of this, get out on time!


He is trying to limit your contact with family and friends, because he thinks that they are too involved in your relationship. You should not allow that at any price, because if you separate them, you will be unprotected and easy target for his mistreatment.


Emotionally abusive partner is not only jealous of your friends and family. He is jealous of your dreams, ambitions and targeted objectives. He gets angry even of the thought that you do not depend on him. If he truly loves you, he will never refuse the chance to be happy.

Frequent quarrels and tantrums

He makes “an elephant out of a mouse”. Everyday petty squabbles often escalate into major strife. Usually he convinces you that it is your fault or for having “peace at home” you tell him yourself that is your fault. If you think that in such situations he could physically encroach on you, consult your close people. And, of course, as soon as you can, break it up.

It makes you nervous

Emotional “abuser” will in all ways try to show how much he is superior to you. He will often use physical violence, if everything is not as he envisioned. If you feel any kind of fear, you have nothing to look for in that relationship.

He constantly belittles you

Whatever you do, you do not have support from him. Nothing is ever good enough, or right, when it comes to you. Do not let him belittle you and appreciate yourself for what you are and what you are achieving (without his support, of course).

You patronize him all the time

There is nothing wrong with that if you want to make your partner happy. But, only if you get the same in return. The relationship that comes down to you tuning it, does not make sense, or has future.

You feel like a prisoner

In this relationship, a sense of helplessness is very common. The partner will try to control all aspects of your life, including checking your mail, text messages or whit who you spend your free time. If you feel like you are trapped, you do not have what to think about. Lose the “chains” and see your fortune elsewhere.

He has convinced you that the problem is in you

After all the arguments, persuasion and contempt, you started to believe that the problem is in you. You simply deserve that he behaves like that. Do not give up, because this is just a manipulative tactic. Snap out of it, because you’re worth much more than that.