You Could Be Ingesting 5 Liters Of This Poison Every Year Without Knowing It! I Was Shocked When I Found Out Why.

3 years
You Could Be Ingesting 5 Liters Of This Poison Every Year Without Knowing It! I Was Shocked When I Found Out Why.

When you buy fruits and vegetables, you may think you’re taking something healthy home, but this is not necessarily true.

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture all over the world. One of the main justifications for their use is that without them, production would fall, which would drive food prices skyward. Although this may be true, few of us really know how much pesticide we are actually consuming with our food. Alarming recent surveys show that Brazil ranks number 1 in pesticide consumption worldwide. This means that, according to the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA), every Brazilian ingests an average of 5 liters of pesticides each year. These figures are really shocking!


To make matters worse, a 2015 study found that nearly 70% of all fresh food available in the country is infected with these poisons. Certainly, organic products are a great alternative, but as in most countries, their price is discouraging.

So, how do we avoid consuming as much pesticide as Brazilians unwittingly do?

The good news is there are some methods that can help you eliminate some pesticides at home. One of the most efficient procedures was developed by Brazilian cardiologist and nutrition specialist Dr. Lair Ribeiro.

This step-by-step guide is super simple. Here’s how!

You’ll need:

1 liter of drinking water
5ml of iodine tincture 2%
1 disposable syringe (new and clean)

Pour 1 liter of drinking water into a clean bowl. Then use the syringe to measure the right amount of iodine tincture 2% (5ml) and add it to the water. You can buy iodine in any pharmacy for a very affordable price .

Afterwards, place the fruit and vegetables inside this solution. But don’t forget to wash them with running water before doing so!

Cover the bowl with a lid and place it in a dark area (e.g. inside the oven or the fridge) for about 1 hour. The lack of contact with light prevents oxidation of the iodine.

After waiting for 1 hour, remove the food from the container and wash everything again with water.

That’s it! Your food is now ready for use and free of pesticides!

Prolonged consumption of pesticides can severely harm your health. The effects range from headaches and allergies, to birth defects and several types of cancer. That is why you must protect your family from this hidden danger!

The good news is that even if you live on a tight budget, this method will help you eat healthier for much less. Organic products are great, but who can afford them all the time?

Share this super simple cleaning procedure with all your friends. This might help everyone to live longer and better!