This Plant Can Make Gynecologist Obsolete!

2 years
This Plant Can Make Gynecologist Obsolete!

Lady’s mantle (Latin name: Alchemilla vulgaris) is a plant rich in flavonoids, phytosterols, salicylic acid, essential oils and high amounts of vitamin C. It has a bitter taste due to the tannin content, but it also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has a reputation as a remedy for numerous female diseases, and according to Johan Kincle, a Swiss herbalist, lady’s mantle tea can relieve about 30% of gynecological problems.

Great for pregnant women

Infertility is one of the most difficult female problems, but this condition can be cured with lady’s mantle. The plant regulates your hormones, stimulates progesterone production and regulates menstruation as well, which is vital for conceiving. It can assist in weight loss and in cases of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Lady’s mantle can strengthen your uterus and prevent miscarriage, which is why doctors are suggesting that every pregnant woman should drink lady’s mantle tea at least 8-10 days after delivery. It is also recommended for labor injuries, post-childbirth recovery and loose belly.

It helps against PMS and menopause

Lady’s mantle can act against tumors, cysts and endometriosis, relieves menstrual problems and post-menopausal symptoms and regulates your period. Due to the tannins and natural astringent it contains, it is commonly used against abundant periods.

The usual ways of using lady’s mantle against fungus, bacterial vaginitis and other infections are taking a bath in it, vaginal douches and tampons. Tampons are the easiest method out of the three – just soak one in an Alchemilla vulgaris tincture and use it as usual.

Eliminates bacteria and viruses

Recent studies have shown that lady’s mantle can stop the growth of many bacteria such as staphylococcus due to its powerful anti-viral properties. Considering it strengthens the uterus and heals wounds, lady’s mantle is recommended against HPV-related diseases. It can also help with bleeding, insect stings, sickness, vomiting, eczema, dermatitis, sore throat, diarrhea, gout and many other conditions.

Lady’s mantle tea

Pour boiled water over a teaspoon of dry lady’s mantle and leave it to steep for 5-10 minutes. Drink a maximum of two cups a day.

Rinsing tea

Cook 30-50 gr. of the plant (without the roots) in a liter of water, then use the tea as a vaginal douche or as an enema for intestinal problems.

Lady’s mantle bath

Cook 200 gr. of dry or fresh material of the plant in 3 l. of water and pour it in a previously prepare bath. Soak in the mixture for 20-30 minutes before going to bed to relieve all gynecological problems.

Note: bigger amounts of lady’s mantle are not recommended for people suffering from digestive, liver or gallbladder issues.