Here’s Why You’ll Nevermore Throw Tea Bags!

2 years

Once you read this, you will no longer throw away your tea bags. There’s so much you can do with them!

In fact, people have been using used and cooked tea bags for a long time. The Chinese used to burn tea during ancient times for keeping away unwanted insects in summer evenings.

Here are 6 ways you can use used tea bags:

1. No More Under-Eye Puffiness & Redness

Take the used tea bags and submerge them in cold water. Place the soaked tea bags on your eyelids. Your swelling and redness will go away. Not only will your eyes appear fresh, the treatment will also make you feel rejuvenated. You can also use these packs if you have conjunctivitis.

2. Cleaning Floors & Surfaces

You can also use tea bags for removing dirt and grease from your floor. It can also be used for cleaning mirror and linoleum. Once you have used the tea bag for preparing tea, dip it back into hot water and you will have your cleaning agent.

You can use the used tea bags for cleansing different types of surfaces including furniture, wooden surfaces, and kitchen tops. Make sure to clean properly so that no stains are left behind. When it comes to old carpets, they can be refreshed by putting dried tea bags over them. The carpets need just 10 minutes of treating.

3. Refresh Your Footwear & Clothes

You can also refresh your clothes and footwear using tea bags. Take a plate and put dried used tea bags on it and leave in your closet. Your clothes will give a nice smell. If you leave just one tea bag in each of your shoes, they will no longer smell bad.

4. Organic Product for Your Plants

You can also use tea bags as a great organic product for your house plants. Tea is rich in plant-friendly nutrients. Take used bags and just stir them to the earth. You can also use another method by removing the tea leaves out of the bag. The tea leaves can then be mixed with the soil. It will help in improving water absorption in the soil and also give off the remaining moisture in the tea to the soil.

5. Get Relief from Pain

Used tea bags can also be used as effective pain relief. Do you have a painful sore in your mouth? Take a used tea bag and soak it in water. Take a bite and you will get relief from the pain.

Thanks to the healing properties of tea, it helps in easing pain. If you have wounds, tea can also help with faster healing. You can also use it for stopping bleeding once your tooth is removed.

6. Get Relief from Sunburn & Rid Acne

Do you have acne or sunburn? You can get relief and also treat acne by washing the area with used tea bag-soaked cold water. Make sure to repeat this method few times. Your skin will start feeling calm and there will be a cool relief.


Source: Healthy Life Vision