Keep Pressing This Point For 2 Minutes! Then See What Will Happen To Your Body!

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Keep Pressing This Point For 2 Minutes! Then See What Will Happen To Your Body!

Do you know there is a pressure point on your feet that can help in regulating and refreshing your liver? All you have to do is to press this point for just 2 minutes daily. So where is this point and how does this help?

This point, point can be found on the webbing located between your second toe and the big toe. When this point is pressed for 2 minutes, it gets stimulated and can help treat so many health problems.

The kind of problems includes:

– Menstrual cramps

– Vision problems

– Lower back pain

– Headaches

– Insomnia and sleeping disorders

There is another point on your leg, which when pressed, can offer magical benefits.

The 3 Yin Crossing

If you apply apt pressure on the 3 Yin Crossing on both the feet, it will help improve your blood flow and energy levels through the body. So where is this point located?

The 3 Yin Crossing is a point located on the back of your tibia which can be measured to be 3 finger-widths above your inner ankle bone. If you have pain in the lower back or knee, stimulate this point to reduce the pain.

Stimulating the 3 Yin Crossing point will also help in treatment so various health problems like:

– Gynecological problems such as PMS, and irregular or painful menstruation

– Dizziness

– Insomnia

You can also reduce your stress levels by pressing this point.

Precaution: – If you are pregnant, you should not stimulate this point.



Source: Health Tips Source