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“Calories in, calories out”might appear as a oversimplification of things in a time when obesity has become a major problem but it is true. Studies have shown that Americans who eat excessively are prone to weight gain problems. As per USDA reports, on an average people in the United States 500 calories in excess, everyday. Other reports too indicate similar facts and states that people here consume 100% food in excess. The rise has been 20% in 1970, which is almost equal to eating an extra steak sandwich everyday.

Sudhair James, who hailed from the renowned College of Chemical Sciences based in Sri Lanka in the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) showed new procedure of rice cooking that would help in cutting rice calorie by 50-60%. He also showed a measure that prevented rice from becoming starch that causes sugar absorption in the bloodstream.

You may like to know that rice as well as many other starches can be easily converted to glucose or sugar in your blood.  Though most of the starch is absorbed in the form of glycogen by muscles and liver, the excess is stored in the form of fat, which in turn leads to obesity as well as other health diseases. The Resistant Starches, which are undigested by the small intestines offer food for the microbes present in the large intestines. This in turn helps in checking the risks related to excess glucose present in the blood ans supports healthy growth of the colon cells. RS can also boost in healthy elimination as well as natural burning of fat.

Coconut Oil- The Hidden Truth

The technique for increasing RS fat is quite simple. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below carefully:

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil and add it to boiling water.

Add half cup rice to it once the oil is dissolved.

Now, simmer for 40 minutes or till the rice is cooked but it should not be less than 20-25 minutes.

Refrigerate the rice for 12 hours and then consume.

This will enhance start resistance almost 10 times from that of conventional cooking measures of non-fortified rice.

How it functions?

As per James, the coconut oil, which starts entering the rice granules during cooking increases sugar resistant toward the enzymes used for digestion. Thus, it do not get broken. As the rice is cooled the starch gets bound to the molecules present outside, which changes starch sugar to resistant starch. The best thing is, RS level remains unaffected even if the rice is reheated.

More studies are conducted to find which rice type can help cutting the maximum amount of calorie. Research is also going to find if any other oil is better than coconut oil in this regard. Though this is a good news for the rice lovers, one should not just completely rely on rice as it not a nutrient-rich choice. Overheating rice might increase your blood sugar level, so be careful. You should try to find fiber enriched foods like squash, mushrooms, cauliflower, leafy green veggies, barley, sweet potatoes and quinoa.