10 Cleaning Tricks Which Every Woman Needs To Know!

3 years
10 Cleaning Tricks Which Every Woman Needs To Know!

There is nothing fun about cleaning, plus it is an exhausting way to spend your free time.

For that reason, housewives around the world have become united in an effort to find the easiest way to clean their homes.

And we are here to give them a hand.

1. Cleaning sponges

Bacteria like these the most, and unfortunately you get them onto your dishes. Microwave your sponges for 2 minutes every day. This will destroy all the bacteria.

2.Washing machines

Pour 2 cups of vinegar in your washing machine and let it run for an hour. Repeat this once again. At that point all you have to do is take a sponge and vinegar, and remove any dirt. It will come of easily.

Pour 2 cups of bleach inside your machine, and let it work for an hour. Use cotton swabs to clean your nooks, lids, knobs, and crannies. Turn your washing machine once again. Now your machine is clean as it can be.

3. Baseboards

Soak your sheets in fabric softener to clean baseboards in a minute.

4. Carpets and mattresses

Removing such stains can be really frustrating. Combine hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to get rid of them easily.

5. Water stains

Rub your taps with wax paper to remove any water stains. In this way you also provide a protective layer to prevent future water stains and fingertips.

6. Toilet rings

Place a piece of Mr Clean Magic Eraser on your toilet rings. Let them act overnight.

Believe it or not, your toilet sit will be shiny bright next morning.

7. Scented rooms

Add 2 caps of vanilla extract and a cup of coffee. ‘Bake’ this in your oven for an hour, at about 300F. And wallah, your natural homemade air freshener is ready!

8. Sticky stains

The most annoying of them all. But, we have a handy trick for you. Combine equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil. Apply the resulting mixture onto the stains, and they will be gone for good.

9. Bathroom

By filling your bathtub with hot water you enhance the effect of alkaline cleaners.

10. Light bulbs

Use a microfiber cloth to finish cleaning your light bulbs.

Source: makeyourlifehealthier.com