Homemade Chocolate Liqueur

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Homemade Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate liqueur is a sweet and thick alcoholic drink that is considered a woman’s drink, although some men love it too. It’s not a strong drink but it has a rich nutritional profile and taste and resembles a cup of hot chocolate. Chocolate liqueur is a special drink for chocolate lovers. It can be found in any liqueur store, but it can also be prepared at home.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate have been known for a long time. It is considered a potent aphrodisiac, and only a bar of dark chocolate daily can boost your blood chart and your immune system as well. It’s best to consume a cocoa-rich dark chocolate such as the ones used for cooking.

Cocoa-rich chocolate contains essential nutrients such as magnesium and copper which play a role in muscle recovery and nourish the cardiovascular system. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which positively affect the body, and can also fight free radicals, cancer and heart diseases. This delicious treat also regulates the cholesterol levels in the blood and can help in cases of anemia.

Dark chocolate improves your mood, stimulates brain function and rejuvenates the body by boosting your energy levels. It is considered a libido booster with incredible effects. Unlike white or milk chocolate, it contains a lower level of fat and sugar which is why it’s often recommended as a dietary snack. If consumed moderately, dark chocolate can have positive effect on the whole body.

It’s an essential ingredient of many sweet treats, and is also used in many food delicacies. There are numerous cookies and cakes that contain dark chocolate besides ice cream, puddings, toppings and cold and hot beverages. The creamy chocolate liqueur is a delicious drink which should make your friends happy.

Chocolate liqueur recipes

This delicious drink can be found in any liqueur store, but it’s far healthier and tastier when prepared at home. The recipe is not complicated and the ingredients are widely available.

Homemade chocolate liqueur


200 gr. of cooking chocolate

½ a kg. of sugar

½ a l. of milk

½ a l. of rum

A pack of vanilla sugar

Boil the sugar in half the amount of milk on low heat until it melts, then melt the grated dark chocolate in the rest of the milk. Mix both mixtures well and boil until you get a smooth texture. Take the pot off heat and add the vanilla sugar, then allow the mixture to cool down. Afterwards, add the rum and pour the mixture into a glass bottle. Leave it for a few days for better flavor and serve your homemade chocolate liqueur cold, decorated with cream and grated chocolate for a special taste. Keep it in the fridge at all times.

Thick chocolate liqueur

Instead of cooking chocolate, you can use pure cocoa powder which provides amazing aroma and has positive effects on the body. Here’s what you need:

100 gr. of cocoa powder

1 chocolate pudding

300 gr. of sugar

½ a l. of rum

1 l. of milk


Mix the cocoa powder, chocolate pudding and half of the milk until everything melts, then cook the sugar in the rest of the milk until it boils. Now, reduce the heat and add the pudding-cocoa mixture and stir well until the mixture gets thick. In the end, add rum and mix everything well.

Pour the liqueur into glass bottles and keep it in the fridge. In order to get the best aroma and taste, keep it in the fridge for at least five days before consumption. If it gets too thick, you can add a little rum. Serve the chocolate liqueur cold.