A Sweet Poison: Sugar, Not Cigarettes Are The Main Cause Of Cancer And Tumors!

2 years

Do you love candy? If you do, you may have to change your habit! According to a recent research, the refined sugar we consume every day is one of the main factors behind the growth and spread of cancer cells. Scientists from the University Collage of London in Great Britain came to the discovery through an MRI.

A new method called glucoCEsT is based on the fact that tumors use glucose in order to survive and grow. The method is similar to the radiation method for early cancer detection. Although radiation is one of the main causes of tumorous cells, it can also detect the same cells very quickly. The glucoCesT method works in similar fashion – it detects tumors after injecting a small amount of glucose in the body of the patient. However, regular sugar intake plays a big role for tumors and cancer.

Sugar addiction

Sugar addiction is subtle and can easily go unnoticed. Sugar enters our body unknowingly as it is added to many foods.

The average American ingests about 70 kg. of sugar annually, and about 5 tons during his lifetime. Sugar can actually be as damaging as heroin or morphine – it creates the same, if not stronger addiction. If you’re not aware of the dangers of sugar, your health can easily go south.

Sugar in the past

Sugar was sold for 1 schilling per pound in London in the 14th century. It was a rare and precious ingredient which was seldom used. There were almost no health problems caused by sugar at that time, but increased consumption of sugar brought numerous diseases along. Besides cancer and tumors, sugar can be held responsible for allergies, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, PMS, Crohn’s disease, impotence and fungal infections.

Sugar is very addictive. Professor Hoebel from the Princeton University says that “sugar stimulates receptors in the body in the same way drugs such as heroin and morphine stimulate them.” It also acts as a misguided antidepressant. Sugar raises the levels of serotonin in the brain, improving your mood and reducing depression. However, this causes other blood sugar related problems and increases the desire for more sugar. Sugar rehab causes depression, headaches and anxiety – the symptoms can, however, be reduced, with a good recovery plan.

Sugar vs. smoking

In the midst of cigarette price increase and the everyday campaign against tobacco run by the World Health Organization, we must ask ourselves if they’re telling the truth. Sure, smoking is a bad habit, but there are other unhealthy habits far more damaging than it. Michel Tsokos, a forensic scientist, recently gave an interview to the German ZDF TV and confirmed that the black lungs we see on cigarette packs are not real. “There’s no such thing as the black lungs we see on cigarette packs. Even if a person smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, we can’t see the extent of damage to the lungs. There is a pigment in the lungs, of course, and we can also see anthracosis (a type of lung infection) in people living nearby frequent roads, but the damage to the lungs done by cigarettes is not visible,” Tsokos said. There are studies (censored, of course) which claim that smoking natural tobacco can even be beneficial for the body. Sugar, on the other hand, is so widespread that people can’t even control it. The addiction it causes is far worse than certain drugs and alcohol, and yet sugar is not restricted, with its damaging effects rarely even mentioned.

Why are they doing that to us?

Because of the financial profits of the pharmaceutical industry which works alongside the World Health Organization. They intentionally frighten people about the damaging effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, but never about sugar. The fact remains that people are blind about the truth and read everything they believe, losing the ability to recognize right from wrong. We live in a time when people can be easily manipulated through a wide range of mediums. Global ignorance is injected like a poison into peoples’ minds by those in power. If you don’t want to be a part of this, educate yourself on the matter and don’t believe everything that’s on TV or in the papers.