Watermelon, Garlic and Blueberry: The Aphrodisiacs Of The New Generation!

3 years

Watermelon, Garlic and Blueberry: The Aphrodisiacs Of The New Generation!

There are many products which can improve your libido and sexual desire naturally. The everyday stress and your hectic schedule are lowering your sexual appetite, but you shouldn’t be worried – the following natural products are easily available and will boost your libido easily. You may have heard of some, but you will be surprised to see the others!


This vegetable is rich in vitamin B which stimulates the production of histamine, a compound responsible for sexual desire in both sexes.


Avocados contain folic acid which can increase the energy levels, improving your mood and self-esteem.


Blueberries affect the production of a hormone called dopamine, which is responsible for the energy levels in the brain. The body requires this hormone especially as we age.


Fish such as catfish, sardines and anchovy are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can improve your brain function and self-esteem. This will in turn improve your sexual desire and performance.


Long known as a libido booster, chocolate is rich in phenyl ethylamine, an organic compound which is believed to play a role in the feeling of being in love.


This fruit is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that stimulates blood flow and is converted to L-arginine and nitrogen in the body. Its function is to expand the blood vessels in order to allow greater blood flow.


This healthy vegetable is considered a powerful aphrodisiac by many experts, and stimulates expansion of the blood vessels in the male reproductive organ. However, its effects cannot be felt immediately – you need to eat garlic for a month before you feel an increase in your sexual appetite.


Oysters contain zinc, a mineral that stimulates testosterone and dopamine production and also maintains the quality of your sperm.


Like the watermelon, peanuts contain high amount of L-arginine, an important part of nitrogen, which function we already mentioned.

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are rich in zinc which maintains the health of your prostate and boosts your libido.