This 18-Year-Old Girl Lived on 3 Apples a Day for 8 Months! 5 Years Later This is What she Looks Like!

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This 18-Year-Old Girl Lived on 3 Apples a Day for 8 Months! 5 Years Later This is What she Looks Like!

At the age of 18 years Victoire Macon Dauxerre a high school student in France who decided to take a break from studying for her upcoming final exams and went shopping with her mom one day and was spotted by a modeling agency at the mall, they took an interest in her.

Though Victoire’s dream was to study at the prestigious Sciences Pro University in Paris she couldn’t turn down a once in a life time opportunity to be a rich and famous model.

However, soon after joining the modeling agency she would soon realise that life as a model was nothing more than a nightmare.

Soon after she joined the elite modeling agency she was told she would have to fit in a size 32-34, as she was to appear in an edition if Fashion Weeks.

Nobody told her she would have to lose weight, even though that was the only obvious way she would fit into the outfit.

Determined to excel in the world of modeling Victoire began an excessive dieting routine comprising of only 3 Apples a day and drinking sparkling water to help her feel full, she would also eat only a piece of chicken or fish once a week.

In only two months she lost 22 pounds and it seemed she had devised a successful plan of action to maintaining a skinny figure. At 5’10” she weighed only about 103 pounds and was in high demand.

She modelled for successive haute couture shows in Milan, New York, and Paris working  and worked for renowned brands, such as Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu.

She indeed became one of the top 20 international models and seemed very successful, famous and rich. However, the truth was that Victoire was miserable, she had become anorexic and was suffering from osteoporosis, her pulse was weak, she started to lose her hair and stopped seeing her period altogether. She also had dizzy spells and would pass out during fashion shows.

Victoire would state that the pictures of her shown in magazines were manipulated as her thighs and cheeks would be made to appear as though she had much flesh on them.


She even claimed that she and other models would eat a snack in front of the cameras just to avoid criticism only to vomit the snack as soon as the cameras were turned off. She says she knows that if asked about this, the other models would deny it because they would want to continue in their profession.

Victoire felt depressed, lonely and sad. After only 8 months of modeling she had decided enough was enough and she attempted suicide.

She said nobody understood her and everyone around her kept telling her she was living the life of dreams, but no one could see that she was a physical and psychological mess.

After just 8 months into modeling Victoire decided to end her modeling career. Five years later at 23 years she describes her experience in detail in her new book — “Never Skinny Enough, Diary of a Top Model”.

The book exposes the inside workings of the modeling industry. How models are treated with disdain by designers and agents alike.

Interesting enough, she stated that designer — Karl Lagerfeld would  say that a Chanel suit wouldn’t fit a woman with breasts, she wondered why he would make a suit that doesn’t fit a woman with breasts considering that most women have breasts.

Victoire’s story has made a landmark statement in legislation as a law was passed that forbids skinny models from working.

Victoire is one of the lucky ones, she has been able to recover and even wears a size 6 now and intends going into acting. She has an advice for young aspiring models and says that if they are asked to lose weight they should — “run immediately!”

Source: Family Health Freedom Network