Propolis – A Natural Antibiotic And Antiviral Remedy

3 years
Propolis – A Natural Antibiotic And Antiviral Remedy

How to use propolis

Apitherapy is the use of products derived from bees as medicine (honey, propolis, pollen). Propolis is an amazing natural remedy that has been used since ancient times. The bees make it and use it to disinfect their hives.


Propolis can be used for the following conditions:

  • Colds and the flu, bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis and as an immunostimulant;
  • Bad breath and infections in the oral cavity;
  • Herpes, wounds, eczema, cuts, burns
  • Periodontitis, parodontopathy;
  • Gastritis, colitis;
  • Increased vaginal secretion.


Propolis is commonly used against inflammation in the ears, nose, oral cavity and upper respiratory tract. It’s also known to strengthen the immune system. It can be the first line of defense against bacterial infections before taking antibiotics. Colds and the flu are not caused by bacteria, they are caused by viruses, which is why propolis is an ideal choice against these problems as it has powerful antiviral properties. It’s best to use propolis against bacterial and viral infections instead of antibiotics because it has a broader spectrum.


How does it work?

Among the most significant properties of propolis we have to include:

  • Antibacterial properties (inhibits the development and growth of the Streptococcus, Bacilus and Salmonella bacteria);
  • Antiviral properties (prevents herpes);
  • Antifungal properties (against Candida albicans, C. Tropicalis, C. krusi, C. guillermondi);
  • Antiseptic properties (a strong disinfectant);
  • Local anesthetic properties (relieves pain);
  • Mild antioxidant properties (protects the body against free radicals).


How can you take propolis?

10% propolis solution drops are commonly sold in pharmacies and health stores. You can drop about 20 of them in a glass of water, a teaspoon of honey or on a sugar cube and take this remedy 2-3 times a day. The doses should be lighter if you’re using propolis tincture. To treat oral cavity wounds and oral thrush, you can use propolis sprays that should be administered directly on the affected area.


Propolis can also be used as a gargling solution against oral infections, and propolis nose sprays can be used a couple times of day to treat respiratory problems. Propolis gel is administered directly on surface cuts and wounds, eczema and herpes. To treat hemorrhoids and regenerate skin, you can use different propolis ointments that will work better than other creams. Propolis vaginalettes can act as a vaginal antiseptic agent and can also be used against increased vaginal secretion as well.

Who should avoid using propolis?

If you’re allergic to bees and their products, you should avoid using propolis.

Are there any side-effects?

Propolis can cause allergic reactions in people allergic to bees and their products. Locally administered propolis can cause contact dermatitis.