A Miracle Salt: This Will Make You Regret Not Using Himalayan Salt Before!

3 years

Besides replenishing the body with essential nutrients, the Himalayan sea salt regulates the electrolyte levels in the body and improves the absorption of nutrients. It offers numerous health benefits.

The Himalayan sea salt is more expensive than table salt, but is far cheaper than any other products with lesser effects on the body.

The purest salt in the world

The Himalayan salt stimulates and accelerates the removal of accumulated toxins in the body and is safe for use in children and adults both. It is especially recommended to people with high blood pressure and people who are having problems with water retention. It is the purest type of salt on Earth, derived from a 250-million years old ecosystem. Its perfect crystalline structure contains 84 minerals in the same ratio as they are found in the body. The Himalayan sea salt helps the body and nervous system restore balance and rejuvenates the body as well.

It acts as a stress reliever and stabilizes irregular heartbeat. It also regulates the blood sugar levels and helps the kidneys flush out excess acid in the urine. The Himalayan sea salt can clear phlegm easily, and is recommended to people suffering from asthma or cystic fibrosis. If you’re dealing with dry cough, you can put some of it under the tongue to relieve the symptoms.

This amazing salt clears the sinuses, prevents cramps, maintains the muscle tone and firmness, strengthens the bones, prevents osteoporosis and varicose veins and improves your libido.

How can you use it?

The Himalayan salt can be used in baths or as a drinking solution. A bath is recommended for people suffering from different skin conditions. Add 200 gr. of the salt in the bathtub twice a day and soak in it for a half an hour to relieve the problems.

If your skin is irritated by poison ivy or insect bites, you can prepare a solution of half a liter of water and 100 gr. of the Himalayan sea salt. Make compresses out of the mixture and apply them on the affected area until you feel relieved. The same solution can help you clean skin and acne breakouts. In order to rejuvenate your facial skin, you can make a peeling with the Himalayan sea salt and your favorite essential oils.

To rinse your oral cavity, gargle a solution of one tablespoon of the salt dissolved in a glass of water. To relieve sinus and ear infections, inhale a solution of 200 gr. of Himalayan salt and 2 l. of hot water. This will relieve congestion, bronchitis and recurrent infections.

For rheum or joint diseases, prepare a solution of 100 gr. of crystallized Himalayan sea salt and water, and apply compresses on the painful areas three times a week for a month. For feet conditions such as Athlete’s foot, tired or swollen feet, make a bath of 3 l. of water and 150 gr. of Himalayan sea salt, then soak your feet in it for half an hour, and repeat the process until you see improvement.

The Himalayan sea salt helps with sleep troubles as well. Put a teaspoon of it in an aromatic lamp and add some water. The negative ions which it releases will rejuvenate your cells, increase the presence of oxygen in the blood, boost your metabolism, help you focus and strengthen your immune system. They will also relieve headaches, insomnia, depression, allergies and asthma.