Here Is Why You Should Drink Every Morning Hot Water With Turmeric

3 years

Turmeric is one of the most beneficial spices around the world. It is one famous antioxidant, owns anti- inflammatory properties and is useful against many health conditions. The healing properties of turmeric derived from the active ingredient curcumin and there are more than 7000 scientific papers who prove its incredible health benefits.

The best way to use the healing properties of turmeric can be achieved if you consume it daily, mixed with one cup of hot water. It is very simple: In 200ml hot water add a teaspoon of turmeric powder, mix well and drink. If it builds up at the bottom of the cup, add a little more water, stir, and drink this gold dust.

This amazing drink will relieve you from the following conditions:

Diabetes type 2

  • Auburn University did a study that was published in 2009. The union of Biochemistry and Biophysical research Communications which proves that turmeric can prevent progression of the disease and significantly improve health.


  • A study conducted in 2012 declared that curcumin has a strong effect than diclofenac in patients who suffer from arthritis. It has power to reduce the swelling and pain in joints.

Improves digestion

  • Regular consumption of turmeric improves the flow of the bile and digestion.

Protects your liver

  • Turmeric protects the liver from toxins and regenerates the damaged liver cells, this is makes it one of the most beneficial ingredients for the liver. The turmeric also stimulates the flow of bile, speeds up the gall bladder and reduces inflammation on the hepatic ducts.


  • Chronic inflammation can cause many diseases. The turmeric is more effective in fighting inflammation than the anti- inflammatory drugs.

It alkalizes the body

  • Turmeric is one alkaline which is very useful for the overall health. It is good to know that the alkaline environment stops the spread of cancer and has positive effect on the whole organism.

Prevents aging

  • Turmeric has anti- inflammatory properties and this eliminates the free radicals in body. These are the two main reasons for premature aging, which mean that they will prolong life and prevent aging.

Cardiovascular system

  • In a study, done in 2011, provided from team of powerful scientists from one University from Niata for one pharmacy in Japan, which was published in The Journal of Biological and Pharmaceutical Bullein said that turmeric can improve the health of the entire cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease.

Anti- cancer properties

  • It is well known that curcumin has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent the spread of cancer and prevent the cell damaging due to the unstable molecules.