Apply THIS on Your Skin and Draw Toxins Out of Your Body

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Apply THIS on Your Skin and Draw Toxins Out of Your Body

Activated charcoal is a powerful natural treatment that traps toxins and chemicals in the body and removes them. You should know it is not the same as the charcoal used in the barbeque grill, which includes toxins and chemicals you must never use it. Activated charcoal is made from many sources, but if you want to use it for natural healing, always choose the one made from coconut shells or other natural sources.

It has been firstly used by the ancient Egyptians. Most often it was used to stop poisons from spreading within the body. It cannot be often found in your home, but hospitals use it for patients with ailments from poisonous spider bites, food poisoning, or ingestion of toxic chemicals.

However, you do not have to suffer from these ailments to use activated charcoal. It can be used regularly for detoxing your body. You can find it on the shelves in a natural health store, in capsule and powder form. When consumed regularly, activated charcoal can improve your liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth become stained from coffee, tea, wine, etc. Activated charcoal can help you whiten them and keep them healthy by changing the pH balance in the mouth. Activated charcoal removes toxins and bacteria from your mouth, prevents cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

Dip your toothbrush in activated charcoal powder and brush your teeth in circular motions for 2 minutes. Focus more on the more stained areas. Do this 2-3 times in a week if you want the best results.

Activated charcoal can stain your crowns, caps, or porcelain veneers. Also, if your teeth become sensitive, stop using it.

Alleviate Gas and Bloating with Charcoal

Many people do not this benefit of charcoal, but it can help you a lot if you are dealing with gas and bloating. Activated charcoal binds the byproducts in foods that cause gas and cause discomfort. Gas and pain the stomach occur when bacteria are decomposed after consuming some food, such as beans.

Activated charcoal goes into the digestive tract and draws the gas molecules, which attach to the charcoal and get removed with the bowel movement.

Take 500 milligrams with a glass of water an hour before consuming a gas-producing meal. Drink an additional glass of water thereafter to aid the charcoal get into your system.

Prevent Hangovers and Treat Alcohol Poisoning

Activated charcoal helps in removing toxins from the body that leads to poisoning. Alcohol that has artificial sweeteners and chemicals is common, but activated charcoal eliminates these toxins.

If you take it at the same time as alcohol, activated charcoal lowers alcohol concentrations in blood.

Get Rid of Mold

We are talking about mold in your body, about which most people don’t know of. Toxic mold leads to depression, kidney and liver failure, lower brain function, heart disease, eye irritation, headaches, vomiting, respiratory problems, and weakened immune system.

Mold can thrive in homes that have flooded, or homes with small leaks under a sub-floor or in the walls. Also, poor ventilation can lead to this problem. You must wear protective mask and gloves to prevent inhaling toxic mold during its cleansing.

Clean hard surfaces and prevent further mold growth by using baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and borax.

If you are dealing with wheezing, rashes, watery eyes, coughing or headaches, check if there is mold in your home, even if there is no visible mold. It can occur behind drywall, under floods and in ventilation ducts.

Water Purifying

Activated charcoal is used in water filtration all over the world because it cleanses water from solvents, pesticides, industrial waste and other chemicals. But, charcoal doesn’t entrap viruses, bacteria and hard-water minerals.

Avoid drinking tap water because it is toxic and includes chemicals, toxins and fluoride. These filters with activated charcoal can be found for whole-home systems, including countertop models.

Consume 8-10 glasses of pure water daily to sooth the digestive tract, combat fatigue, keep the function of the organs and support lubrication for joints and tissues.

Emergency Toxin Removal

Now you already know that activated charcoal is mostly used to remove toxins and chemicals from the body. Moreover, it can be used in the event of an accidental or purposeful drug overdose. It is effective for aspirin, opium, cocaine, morphine and asetaminophen. Act and use it as soon as possible, with an hour of ingestion.

50-100 grams are used in cases of poisoning in adults and 10-25 grams for children. Another use of activated charcoal is in cases of food poisoning when nausea and diarrhea are present. In these cases, adults take 25 grams at the beginning of the symptoms or when food poisoning is suspected, while children are given 10 grams. If needed, increase the dosage. Don’t forget to consume adequate amount of water when activated charcoal is taken.

Make Your Skin and Body Healthy

If you use activated charcoal topically, it is helpful in treating body odor, acne and relieves discomfort from insect bites, rashes from poison ivy or poison oak, and snake bites.

After a mosquito bite or bee sting, combine one capsule of activated charcoal with half a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then, apply the mixture on the affected area. Apply it every 30 minutes until itching and discomfort are gone. You can wrap a bandage over the affected area because charcoal can stain almost everything.

If you need to treat snake and spider bites, cover a larger area. Take a wrap big enough to cover the affected area twice. Apply the mixture of coconut oil and activated charcoal on the fabric and wrap. Secure it with bandages. Apply it every 2-3 hours and wash well between applications.

In case of treating acne, combine one activated charcoal acne and two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and apply it on your face. After it dries, rinse completely.

Digestive Tract Cleanse

Activated charcoal removes toxins that lead to allergic reactions, oxidative damage and poor function of the immune system. When these toxins are removed from the system, your joint pain can be removed, energy increased and mental function boosted.

The digestive tract should be routinely cleansed in order to keep it healthy. You can do this by taking 10 grams of activated charcoal 90 minutes before each meal for two days. Also, you need to eat only organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat and wild fish.

If being constipated during the digestive tract cleans, it means that you are not drinking enough water. To relieve constipation, drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon and a little bit of honey every 30 minutes.


Activated charcoal prevents cellular damage to kidneys and liver and supports healthy adrenal glands.

We are exposed to toxins through food, our homes, workplaces and environment. In order to prevent pre-mature aging, we must eliminate these toxins. Activated charcoal helps the body remove the toxins and chemicals.

Consume 2 capsules of activated charcoal every day after consuming nonorganic foods, heavy meals or after contact to other toxins.

Your cognitive function will be improved, brain fog reduced, kidney and liver function improved and the digestive tract healthier.

Reduced high cholesterol

According to many studies around the world, activated charcoal reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol as some prescription medications.

The participants in these studies took three doses of 8 grams each for the period of the studies. Don’t take activated charcoal within 90 minutes to 2 hours of taking any prescription medication or supplements because it can prevent proper absorption.