You Will Never Throw Away A Banana Peel Once You Have Read This

3 years

This delicious fruit (banana) contains antifungal, antibiotic and enzymatic properties. It also contains a high amount of vitamin B6, B12, Magnesium and potassium. All of these are very nutritious and great for that body, but did you know that the peel from a banana has amazing aspects as well?

Polish shoes 

Banana peels are able to polish shoe. Simply rub your shoe with the inside of peel. After buff the shoes with a soft cloth.  The Potassium that’s in the peel is what polishes the shoe. It contains natural oils that soak into the leather which helps your shoes last longer.

Brighten up houseplants  

If the leaves on houseplants looking dingy or dusty, go ahead and misting them with water — but that just spreads the dirt around. Instead, wipe down each leaf with the inside of a banana peel- removes the entire gunk; replace it with a lustrous shine.


By rubbing a banana peel to the area that’s affected everyday it can decrease inflammation, irritation and prevent future outbreaks.


Banana peel can easily eliminate any warts a person has, just place a piece of the peel over the wart and bandage it.

Whitens teeth 

The potassium that in the banana peels can whiten your teeth. Get a banana peel that looks ripe      (this is when the potassium levels are at its highest) rub the peel onto your teeth until your teeth are covered with banana paste. Let it sit for ten minutes and brush your teeth as you would usually to take off any residue.

Bug Bites 

Banana peel calms skin and reduce itching

Rashes and itches 

Banana peels can easily relieve itchiness and rashes, just rub the peel onto the affected area unto you feel relieved. Apply this twice a day until it has gone away.


Banana peel can cure psoriasis in just a few days, Rub it on the affected area once or twice a day, it will to moisturize  the skin and relieve itchiness

Helps with Hemorrhoids 

In the case of hemorrhoids peel of this amazing fruits is also effective. Just rub the peel on the affected area for about five minutes, 4-5 times in a day.


This can help you heal the root cause of the pain due to its high potassium content. Hold the peel  across your forehead and across the back of your neck.


Stop Throwing Away Banana Peels: 10 Ways You Can Use Them!