Weight Chart For Women: What’s your ideal weight according to your body shape, age, and height?

3 years

Your ideal weight will be something that is perfect for your overall well-being. But always keep in mind that there are some limits to it.

There has been a growing trend in the last few years. Many women have been taking pride in being overweight and others prefer losing too much weight. Whatever the trends, the “golden middle” rule has always held strong.

You will come across so many weight calculators and weight charts. All of them claim to tell you your ideal weight. But here is a unique chart that’s special because it has been developed by none else but specialists and doctors.


You will not find any unhealthy model proportions in this chart. It takes the following factors into account for estimating your idle weight:

  • Your body shape
  • Your height
  • Your age

Use your body characteristics and age and this chart will tell you what your healthy and ideal weight is. So check your ideal weight using this special chart:

Source: www.healthylivingstyle.net