How Come I Never Knew This. I Have Been Tying My Hair The Wrong Way All This While!

3 years
How Come I Never Knew This. I Have Been Tying My Hair The Wrong Way All This While!

Learn how to tie your ponytail to give it the illusion of having more texture and to give it a real horse or pony tail like look in just 5 minutes.

What do you need?

  • Elastic bands
  • Bobby pins
  • A hair brush
  • A mirror

There are a couple of amazing ponytail styles you can learn and adopt.

Let me teach you a couple of theses ponytail styles that are easy to learn and do.

1. Lower hair split ponytail

I call this style the lower hair split ponytail and this is how you can do it.


  • Brush your hair backwards with your hair brush.
  • At the back of your head, split your hair in two with your hands, you should have an upper part and a lower part.
  • Pack the upper part and pin it in place with a bobby pin.
  • You are going to then spit your lower hair in two.
  • Use a band to hold the lower ponytail created from the lower part of your hair (i.e. towards the back of your neck)
  • Let the other split lower hair down and let it cover the ponytail.
  • Before this however use a bobby pin to clip the ponytail at the point of the band. (the bobby pin will give the illusion of a full hair)
  • Once you have let down your other lower hair to cover the ponytail, use a band to hold the already ponytailed hair to the hair covering it.
  • By doing this you will have a full looking lower ponytail.
  • Remember your upper hair? You will now remove the bobby pin holding it in place and let it down. Make sure the hair is behind your ears as you run it down to your back.
  • Take another band and hold your upper hair and lower hair in place in a ponytail.
  • Once you are through you will have a well done ponytail that looks as though you have more hair than you actually have.

2. Single ponytail

The second is the single ponytail. Now this is already well known and 99% of people do this style already, but they are not always getting the best out of this style.

It entails just packing your hair to the back and holding it together with a band to form a pony tail.

The problem is the ponytail lacks texture and bounce.

Here’s how I do it;

  • Split you hair at the back slightly separating the lower one from the upper one.
  • Use a band to form a ponytail with the lower hair, then to the point of band use a bobby pin. This will lift the rest of your hair up when it falls on the Bobby pin.
  • Bring your upper hair down to the back and form a ponytail with the lower hair. Make sure you use your band at the same point of the band used for the lower ponytail and bobby pin.
  • Your ponytail will come out looking rich, full and with bounce.