Lemon Peel Helps Joints: Recipe After Which You Will Wake Up Without Pains

2 years
Lemon ensures against various sicknesses and has a positive impact on the whole body. It is rightfully called super food because it contains vitamin C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.
Daily consummation of lemon will protect you from many diseases such as laryngitis, flu, bacterial infections and high blood pressure.
Lemon is also known to significantly boost the immune system, and therefore its consumption it essential, especially during winter.
It also works well with healing painful joints in the arms and the legs. If you suffer from joint pain, then this is the best recipe for you. In order to prepare it you need only two ingredients, as stated in continuation.
We are about to present to you a recipe which will help you to relieve pains in the joints in the arms and legs.
2 lemons
1 cup olive oil
Peel two lemons and put the rind in a jar. Pour in some olive oil to fill it to the top. Close the jar well and let it rest for 2 weeks. Once your remedy is ready for use, put some of the oil on a gauze and apply it on the affected area. Wrap with a plastic bag and a woolen scarf. Do this procedure in the evening, because the best way to heal your joints is to let this coating to act overnight.