This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Always Use Your Cell Phone

3 years

These modern times has made us dependent on our phones and tablets, and subscriptions are constantly rising. People are always online checking their social profiles and mails, and children are using their cell phones to play games. However, cell phones emit low level radiation which can damage the body over time.

According to a study from the UK, subjects felt negative feelings towards a person they were talking with if a cell phone was visible. The research included 34 pairs of strangers talking about minor topics and important ones. Half of the subjects had a mobile phone with them while talking, while the other half had a notebook on the table. The results showed that the people with a notebook were more trusting of the strangers than those who had their mobile phone present.

This proves that cell phones interfere with our interaction with each other, especially when we are having an honest conversation. Excessive cell phone usage can also cause antisocial behavior and diminish your social skills.

They elevate stress levels

The constant ringing from our mobile phones and our desire to check notifications instantly can cause increased stress levels. According to a Swedish study, women who use their phones excessively had trouble sleeping as well as higher levels of stress, while excessive use of cell phones in men was linked to sleep deprivation and depression.

The constant checking of our phones is making us socially awkward and anxious for the next call or notification. We are literally slaves to our phones and tablets, and one of the ways to reverse the situation is to have set times for checking our phones every day. If you don’t stray from the schedule, you will manage stress better, and have more free time to enjoy.

Weaken the immune system

Cell phones contain more germs and bacteria than a public toilet seat according to a study conducted at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London. Scientist took samples from 390 different cell phones and hands to measure the level of bacteria and found that 92% had dangerous bacteria on them, with 82% of the hands also contained bacteria. 16% of the hands and cell phones had the dangerous E. Coli bacterium on them!

In order to reduce the amount of bacteria on your phone you can use it less and wash your hands frequently.

Increases the risk of chronic pain

According to a Swedish study, constant texting can cause long-term neck, back and hand pain. Repetitive actions irritate the body tissues, causing inflammation and subsequently, pain. Texting requires the thumbs, and constant use of the thumb joints can result in arthritis. Back and neck pain are caused by our constant looking at the phone screen with our back bent, leading to poor posture and numerous other problems. Looking at your phone at 60 degrees puts 60 pounds of pressure on your back and spine! When using it, try to hold the phone in front of you and stretch your back and neck muscles often.

Increases the risk of vision problems

People are usually aware of the connection between vision problems and excessive cell phone use, yet do nothing about it. The Vision Council informs that 70% of Americans don’t know or deny that their vision problems are related to prolonged cell phone use. Take frequent breaks from your phone, and try not to squint when reading something on it.