Bees – A Natural Detector Of Lung Cancer! See How They Do It…

3 years
Bees – A Natural Detector Of Lung Cancer! See How They Do It…

Bees have one of the finest senses of smell in the animal world, not only they can differ chemicals in different smells , but they can perfectly remember smells and orientate according to them in nature.

Because of their extreme sensitivity, designer Suzana Soares used bees for the earliest discovery of lung cancer in humans. Her invention could totally change medicine in numerous aspects, writes.
A simple technology is the most advanced and the finest detector of lung cancer for now. And all thanks to the small and smart bees.

Portuguese designer and inventor Suzana Soares managed to create a unique technological device which in few minutes can discover whether someone has lung cancer. Namely, Soares has observed scientists who have trained bees for the discovery of different drugs and smells for several years. After she became a competent bee trainer, she realized that the small drones were not only smart and with a fine sense, but they could also discover traces of chemicals which, for now, could only be found by the most sophisticated machines which are still not used in medicine, but exclusively in expensive scientific experiments.

She decided to train bees so that they could recognize the smell of lung cancer cells. In just 10 minutes, with the help of a so called Pavlov effect (in this case, identifying the smell with a prize in the shape of sugar and water), Soares’ bees recognized the sense of lung cancer packed in just a few sick cells.

After that, Soares shaped some simple glass devices in which the bees could without any problem smell the air coming out of a person’s breath.

In case the bees discover the smell of lung cancer, they would try to enter the smaller container thinking that they would get lunch. The interest of bees fo a person’s breath would actually mean that a person has lung cancer.

It is unbelievable that bees can smell sick cells much earlier than they could be marked on the most sensitive testers for lung cancer, to be more precise, the bees trained by Suzana Soares are the most advanced detectors for lung cancer in the world by now.

Soares mentioned that we must not forget how honey bees can also be trained for the discovery of almost all the diseases, especially the ones which are the most often ones in our population, like diabetes, tuberculosis, even throat cancer, mouth and other sinister diseases of the breathing and digestive system.

A bee during her time for a prize (sugar and water) after it recognized the sense of lung cancer.

Because of the unbelievable abilities of melliferous bees, there are more and more companies which are using them for the discovery of different potentially dangerous chemicals and bonds, like explosive.

Although an average honey bee lives for a month and a half, imagine how many human lives could be saved only after 10 minutes of training with just a little bit of sugar and water?

We believe that the bond between nature and medicine is always the best weapon against different diseases and disorders, but unfortunately, our medicine is mostly concentrated on pharmacological products which have very little in common with nature and the patented medicines are mostly synthetic laboratory preparations which have a great benefit, but they do not bring anything good to the human race. The most awful diseases like cancer and leukemia are still poor or not at all curable although nature offers numerous cures which are unfortunately very cheap and do not have the possibility for a patent above them.

Soares’s idea is an unexpected refreshment after several mostly painful, dangerous and/or traumatic cancer detectors, like biopsy and mammography.
We are truly hoping that her invention will reach the market.