13 Things You Should Never, Ever Do During Your Period

2 years

Menstruation is the worst part of a month for women – they are emotional and tired, and even getting out of bed is a struggle. Considering the pain and cramps the cycle brings, here are 13 things you should avoid doing while on your period:

1. Cook

Don’t go cooking while on your period, women! Who knows what could happen while you’re in that state, surrounding by knives and dangerous objects?!

2. Use your phone

Picking up your phone in the emotional state during your period might mean calling your ex right away, and this is never a good idea.

3. Exercise

Remember: you are bloated due to your period – you haven’t gone fat instantly. Once the week is over, you’ll feel sexy and attractive again. Don’t exercise while on your period because you’ll only ruin your clothes.

4. Watch romantic comedies

If you’re currently single, watching these movies will only make you want someone by your side. Or the opposite if you’re in a relationship. Remember – the people on the screen are only actors starring in a fantasy.

5. Eat tons of chocolate

Don’t eat chocolate during your period – it’s not going to make you feel better and it will make you hate yourself in the end.

6. Start arguments

Starting a fight with someone due to your emotional state will always end up badly. You will probably hurt people you love and it can affect your relationship with that person. If something about someone is bothering you, let them be and have a chat when you’re feeling better.

7. Get out of bed

Why bother? You’re not feeling well and you’re over emotional. Just stay in bed and sleep – after a few days, you’ll be back to your best.

8. Take a shower

Take a bath along a glass of wine to relax and feel better, but don’t jump in the shower every few hours.

9. Do housework

The mess in the kitchen or bathroom is not going anywhere – it can stay like that for couple more days. Don’t go doing things you can’t do while you’re in that state. Stay in bed and watch movies, and you’ll get over your period shortly.

10. Eat fast food

Yes, we know your desire is strong, but eating unhealthy junk food will only improve your mood for the moment and will make you hate yourself in the end.

11. Run

Running while you’re on your period is one of the worst ideas you can have. It won’t feel good and the bloating won’t go away. Just wait until your period is over and then you can run all you like.

12. Sit at all

Lie down, but don’t sit while you’re on your period. Lying is far better in this time of the month – you can watch a movie and relax. Sitting and walking doesn’t feel good in that time of the month, so why do it at all?

13. Think

Don’t make your brain hurt while your body is in that state. Just go along with everything for a couple of days and don’t make the situation worse by overthinking stuff.

Of course, you can do everything while you’re on your period, but it’s better to do nothing at all for a couple of days. Do whatever works for you.