Forget The Silicones: Six Plants That Cause Breasts Growth

2 years

Many women have the desire to increase their breast size. They usually go in for plastic surgery to fulfill such desires. But there are natural remedies available for this as well.

The following are 6 plants which will help them accomplish their goal.

1. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek has its origins in Greece. It is a seed and is very helpful. It can be found in any pharmacy selling herbal products. Soak it in water overnight. The next day, massage your breasts with the water.

2. Anis:

To increase your breast size, this Chinese herb is highly recommended. It increases the growth of your breasts.

3. Greater burdock:

This is a good plant to improve the functioning of your reproductive organs. This plant also helps in increasing blood flow to the tissues of breasts.

4. Funnel:

This plant has many useful benefits. It is rich in many important compounds like di anethole, anethole and photo anethole. They help in increasing the secretion of estrogen in your body. It is also useful to treat babies affected by colic.

It contains another compound called phytoestrogen. This compound stimulates breast growth in women and also increases milk production in lactating mothers.

5. Licorice:

Licorice has the same beneficial effects as Funnel since it has the same ingredients.

6. Pueraria Mirifica:

This Thailand herb is actively used in pills and cream which increase breast growth. Therefore, it is popular as an anti-aging herb.


Source/Reference: Healthy Food House, cuisineandhealth