The Way You Make A Fist Reveals Some Fascinating Things About Your Personality

1 year
The Way You Make A Fist Reveals Some Fascinating Things About Your Personality

Mankind has spent countless years exploring the depths of our planet and our universe. We’ve gone to the highest mountains and explored the strange, fascinating world at the bottom of the sea. We’ve managed to make our way to the moon, and send satellites and probes into the vast, unending reaches of space. Through it all, we have advanced our knowledge of the world around us, and our search for new truths continues every day.

An equally important realm that man has spent his time exploring is the one within ourselves. From the earliest trance-induced mental states of tribal cavemen to the latest frontiers of psychology and cognitive science, we’re fascinated by what makes the nature of our consciousness the way it is. We have, since our earliest times, sought to understand why we are the way we are and why we become the people that we do.

Wanting to understand our inner world is a need that we all feel universally. People all around the globe find different ways and approaches to understanding their own personalities better. This is one of them.

Did you know that the way you make a fist can also tell a lot about you? Go ahead and make a fist in whatever way comes naturally to you. Are you type A, B, or C? Find out more about your type’s personality below, with a breakdown of external personality, internal personality, and your personality in love.


External Personality: You tend to be sensitive, with a great imagination. You like to help others, and you don’t sweat the small stuff. You are curious, funny and sometimes impatient.

Internal Personality: You have a desire to feel protected. You can sometimes be overly nice and end up getting used by people, so you just want people to be honest.

Love Personality: You can be a little bit reserved with your emotions. You don’t really communicate your feelings very well, but you ought to so your partner can know what you need.


External Personality: You’re smart, confident, and charming. You smooth devil, you. You make friends quickly and easily, have great self-esteem and might care just a bit more about power than other people do. You’re hard working and dedicated to your goals.

Internal Personality: Inside that bright shining exterior, you have your own share of insecurities. In particular, you have a fear of loss and a fear of failing at one of your lofty goals.

Love Personality: You overthink things. Way too much. You often hesitate to make a move, even though you really want to. In a relationship, you sometimes act aloof so as to not potentially intimidate your partner by how much you care for them.


External Personality: You’re highly creative and witty. You’ve got a sharp tongue and can often be a little emotional and impulsive.

Internal Personality: You tend to suffer silently because you don’t really want to make a big deal out of something.

Love Personality: You love comfort. You like a relaxed pace and tend to take things as they come. You are soft-hearted and will usually forgive anyone, no matter how they wronged you.