Your Mouthwash Is Strongly Linked To Cancer. Here Is What You Can Use Instead

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Your Mouthwash Is Strongly Linked To Cancer. Here Is What You Can Use Instead

The history of mouth rinsing goes back to 2,700 BC. Its mention has been found in the Ayurveda and Chinese medicine where it has been recommended for the treatment of gingivitis.

There are so many examples out there that show that mouth rinsing has long been an ancient practice:

– Mouth rinses are used regularly by the Roman and Greek upper class after their mechanical teeth cleaning.

– Hippocrates recommends the perfect ingredients for mouth rinsing as vinegar, alum and salt.

– Native Americans made use of plants for mouth rinsing. They mostly used Coptis trifolia (Threeleaf goldthread).

– Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered living organisms within the mouth in the 17th century. He conducted many tests on the effectiveness of various ingredients and substances in killing such living organisms. He concluded that the rinses used were either unable to reach and target the plaque organisms or the rinses couldn’t be present for sufficient time in the mouth to kill the organisms.

– Harald Loe made a discovery in the 60s that Chlorhexidine was effective in the removal of plaque buildup for several hours because it could strongly adhere to the surface of mouth.

So did you check what ingredients are present in your mouthwash?

The following chemicals can be found in many modern mouth wash:

– Chlorhexidine – According to a study (published – Journal Free Radical Biology & Medicine), if you use mouth wash two times daily, it can cause increased blood pressure. This can cause certain serious heart conditions. The underlying cause is considered to be Chlorhexidine. In fact, this chemical is found to be so strong that it even destroys the good bacteria that help in relaxing your blood vessels.

– Alcohol – Alcohol is an agent that causes drying of saliva. Saliva contributes to bad breath, thus alcohol helps in reducing bad breath. But according to the Dental Journal of Australia, alcohol enhances the chances of head, neck and oral cancer.

– Hexetidine (oraldene) – Ingesting excess oraldene could result in clots in certain areas of the brain which control neural and sensory functions. Thus, it can cause these areas and functions to fail. Other effects include allergic reactions and unstable heartbeat. It is also believed to have carcinogenic properties.

– Methyl Salicylate – If you take just 1 teaspoon of Methyl Salicylate, it is equivalent to 23,300 mg of aspirin. A teenager in New York applied a muscle pain reliever containing Methyl Salicylate on her skin and got a lethal dose of this substance.

– Benzalkonium chloride – It is an allergen and is highly toxic. If ingested, it could cause skin irrigation, mucous membrane irrigation or even prove to be fatal.

– Cetylphyridinium chloride – This is a chemical that that is capable of causing extrinsic tooth staining. It has an unpleasant taste and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the taste of anything you eat or drink, leaving them all unpleasant. The high levels of alcohol in it can cause irritation, pain and sensitivity in your tongue. According to a 1998 research, this chemical can cause plaque buildup, rather than help reduce or eliminate it.

– Methparaben – According to a recent UK study, parabens are found in high amounts in breast tumors. This means that these compounds may cause breast cancer.

All these ingredients found in mouth rinses are harmful in one or other way. You should think of making your own, safe and natural mouth wash. The following natural ingredients will help in remineralizing and whitening your teeth. They also help in protecting against cavities while leaving your breath fresh.

Natural & Safe Remineralizing & Teeth Whitening Mouth Wash Recipe

You will need the following ingredients:

– Xylitol crystals – 1 tsp

– Lemon essential oil – 5 drops

– Wild orange essential oil – 2 drops

– Calcium carbonate powder – 2 tsp

– Trace mineral liquid – 10 drops

– Filtered water – 2 cups

– Peppermint essential oil – 10 drops

You will also need a large mason jar.

How to Prepare the Recipe?

– Take the jar and add calcium powder and xylitol crystals into it. Stir the mixture properly.

– Now add the essential oils and the trace mineral liquid.

– Add the filtered water into the jar and make sure to stir properly.

– Now close the jar’s lid shake well for 60 seconds. It will be best to shake until you see that the xylitol crystals have dissolved.

– Make sure to shake the jar properly before you use the mouth wash.

– The jar should be kept in the refrigerator for 15 days.

Source: Non-Stop Healthy