Lemon With Garlic Mixture: Perfect For Clearing Heart Blockages

3 years

The thought of lemon and garlic being used together comes to mind only when they are used to flavor fish or for preparing homemade vinaigrette. However, these potent and pungent foods offer so many benefits for improving your health.

Garlic and lemon could be helpful in so many ways. One of them is to improve your arteries health. If there is high level of bad cholesterol, it will start building up on the artery walls. This will cause reduction in blood flow and increase the chances of stroke or heart attack. You may use medications for reducing bad cholesterol, but bringing natural dietary changes like consuming more lemon and garlic, may be more beneficial.

Lemon & Garlic Mixture For Fighting Heart Blockage

First Method

You will need the following ingredients:

– Lemon juice – 1 cup

– Garlic juice – 1cup

– Ginger juice – 1 cup

– Apple cider vinegar – 1 cup


– Mix everything together and boil of 30 minutes (or until you get 3 cups)

– Allow it to cool and then add 3 cups of natural honey

– Move to glass bottle and store in the refrigerator

– Take 1 tbsp of it daily before your breakfast

Second Method

The following ingredients are required:

– Lemons – 6 (peeled and cut into small pieces)

– Garlic cloves – 30 (chopped into small pieces)

– Water – 2 liters


– Mix all the ingredients into a blender or food processor

– Add sufficient water into it and the blend

– Transfer the mixture into a pot and then add all the water

– Bring the mixture to a boil and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes

– Once it is cool, sieve it and then move into glass bottle and store in refrigerator

– The residue can be discarded

Drink 50 ml daily for 3 weeks and then take a break for 1 week. Then again start the same routine for another 3 weeks. The treatment can be repeated every 6 months.

Third Method

– Take your vitamiser or food processor and put 15 garlic cloves and 3 lemons into it.

– Fill it up with water (you may also add little sugar to taste) and vitamise.

– Remove it into a metal pot

– Again repeat the some process using another set of 15 garlic cloves and 3 lemons and remove the liquid into the pot.

– Now bring it to a boil and allow simmering for 5 minutes.

– Use a strainer and allow the liquid to drain into a different pot.

– Allow the liquid to cool.

– Once it is cool, use a funnel and strainer for pouring into bottles.

Make sure to give some time to the mixture so that it can drain fully through strainer. The slurry on the strainer should be discarded.

This will give you 3-4 liters of bottles and store in the refrigerator.

Note: – Plastic bottles should not be used, as they are capable of causing various health issues. Plastic particles can leach into the liquid. Glass bottles are strictly recommended.

Drink 1 glass daily for 3 weeks and then take a break for 1 week. Repeat the same routine for 3 weeks after the break. The whole treatment should be repeated every 12 months or when you feel that it’s been too long.

The liquid can also be warmed if required. You may also dilute it using water and ice to enjoy a rejuvenating summer drink. You don’t have to worry about garlic smell in your breath because the lemons will kill it. The mixture’s secret lies in the fact that it’s so simple to make and doesn’t cost you much.



Source: Complete Health And Happiness

Original source: blogs.naturalnews.com