Attention! Do Not Mix These Household Products They Can Kill You

3 years

Have you ever wondered if you mixed some household products and how they could react and cause harm to you? Your household cleaners belong to this category and they can cause real harm if combined. In fact, some cleaning products can emit hazardous vapors, causing significant harm, and should never be used. You should keep everyone safe by tucking such cleaning products away from everyone’s reach.

1. Never Mix Window Cleaner & Handy Cleaner

It must have often come to your mind too that you could create an amazing cleaner by mixing your window cleaner and universally handy cleaner. But never do that! Each cleaning system is made for its specific task!

2. Thinking of Rubbing Bleach & Alcohol

Never combine bleach and alcohol. You would be bringing together hydrochloric acid and chloroform. Bleach is best used in its natural form and never think of mixing them.

3. Ammonia & Bleach

If you don’t want your home filling up with deadly vapors, you should never mix them. They make chloramines when combined, and it can not only harm your eyes, it can be hazardous if breathed in.

4. Vinegar & Chlorine Bleach

No acid is secure, and this holds for chlorine too. Even vinegar is an acid, so if you mix, you will be creating an even stronger chemical that releases lethal vapors of chorine.

5. Vinegar & Baking Soda

They are natural and offer great cleaning benefits in your house. But don’t you ever think of mixing them to create a cleaner formula of your own. When you mix acidic vinegar with alkaline baking soda, you get sodium acetic acid derivation and water. There’s bubbling of baking soda by vinegar. If the mixture is kept in a closed container, it can even burst.

6. Vinegar & Hydrogen Peroxide

People have been spraying natural products using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mists interchangeably. They also wiped down surfaces. But you must never mix these two things. The peracetic acid formed is so hazardous, it can easily cause damages to eyes, skin and your respiratory system.


Source: Health Online Central