Kraft Recalls Petroleum-Derived Macaroni And Cheese Contaminated With Shards Of Metal

3 years
Kraft Recalls Petroleum-Derived Macaroni And Cheese Contaminated With Shards Of Metal

Over 6 million boxed of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese had to be called back from Puerto Rico, United States, and some Caribbean and South America countries. This was due to the fact that the products were contaminated with metal.

This has caused a shock amongst its consumers, who often think of the product as a convenient, cheap and easy dinner. It is now potentially a dangerous product which slowly poisons its consumers.

8 consumers have complained about the products, though no serious injuries have been reported. Kraft is deeply regretful of the situation, and apologizes to its disappointed consumers.

This episode is not the first to happen with Kraft. Previously, it had to also recall products.

  • September 2011: over 135,000 cases of single-serve Velveeta Shells and Cheese, due to the presence of wire bristle pieces in its packages
  • August 2014: 7,000 cases of American Singles slices, due to one of its ingredients being improperly stored

Cancer Causing food coloring

Metal shards aren’t the only causes for concerts in Kraft’s mac and cheese products. Many of these types of processed foods have Yellow 5 and 6 food dyes, which are banned or strictly regulated in UK and European countries. Even though it is monitored there, it is freely used in the US.

Yellow 5 is also known as tartrazine or E102. Yellow6 is known as Sunset Yellow FCF or E110. They color the food to increase its appeal, and also make them tastier to consumers, tricking them to buy more.

If you think that these products are safe and good for the body, think again. It may be time to rethink feeding your families with these convenient meals.

These food colorings can cause a wide spectrum of health issues. They contain benzidine which is a carcinogenic. Benzidine is able to damage our cells and DNA, leading to cancer. It can also cause allergic reactions such as asthma, hyperactivity and reduced concentration in children, and much more

What is science saying?

Due to the insufficient evidence against these products, many people are still not convinced of the dangers of these products. Food companies opt not to perform these studies and brushes away any complains or concerns which arise due to the ingestion of their products.

A study done in 2012 recommends that food dyes be removed from the food supply, and replaced with a safer alternative. It is due to the genotoxicity, hypersensitivity and carcinogenicity of these colorings which are detrimental to the human health!

Consumers should go for genuine, fresh organic foods, and provide home-cooked meals for their family instead. Exposing their families to overly processed convenient food might put themselves and their family at greater risks of serious health conditions.