If You Get One Of These 6 Headaches, Eliminate The Pain Immediately Like THIS

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If You Get One Of These 6 Headaches, Eliminate The Pain Immediately Like THIS

It’s important to know about the signs of each type of headaches, as it can be potentially life-saving. A type of headache which is potentially serious is the thunderclap headache, which may cause intense pain. The onset of this type of headache is usually sudden, and may be due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a serious health problem. There are also headaches which are caused by staring at the computer screen all day, or due to a hangover. Some of these headaches are so intense; we spend the whole day in bed. Sometimes, we also don’t know what causes these headaches. It is important to know the signs for these headaches. Knowing the signs, will help you alleviate them.

You might be fearful of the fact, that waking up with a headache isn’t something normal. This is because; it may indicate severe health problems, such as brain tumors, sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Be vigilant if your headaches cause changes in digestion, irritability, neck tension, mood and vision. Though the reasons may scare you, it is important for you to remember to chart and record your episodes. This will give you and your doctor something to discuss. Though most of the times, headaches are not to be worried about, because they are due to simple reasons like clogged sinuses, dehydration or allergies. However, differentiating these types of headaches can be life-saving, as you are able to inform your doctor of the specific symptoms you experience.

Nothing is as serious as a Thunderclap Headache

Thunderclap headaches are terrible due to their sudden onset. It doesn’t need much time to reach the maximum pain intensity, and they attack out of nowhere. The most serious cause of a thunderclap headache is subarachnoid hemorrhage. It may also be an indication for various other health problems.

Headaches that come first thing in the morning!

You know you have a serious headache, if it is the first thing you experience when you get up in the morning! The National Headache Foundation has explained that early morning awakening headaches might be caused by serious diseases. Such problems may include:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Brain tumors
  • Severe high blood pressure

Protect Your Head

There are many people, especially those playing sports, who are at high risks of head injuries. These sports include football, boxing, hockey, etc. Should there be a headache, we need to prevent a development of serious problems. The only way to do that is to monitor the pain thoroughly.

The Worst Headache experienced in your entire life

Cluster headaches are headaches which affect one part of your head. It is too intense, that it is almost impossible to carry on with your daily life, until these headaches leave you alone. Doctors have deemed it “The Worst Headache of Your Life,” and it can be searched as such even in Google! No one known what causes these terrible headaches to happen.

Abnormal Sensations that you get Above the Shoulders!

If you notice changes in your vision, mood, neck tension, irritability and digestion, which come with a headache, you may need to consult a doctor. Don’t worry about its cause, because there are many reasons why headaches happen. Discuss the matter with your doctor and get to the bottom of it!

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