This Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide To Losing Weight has Gone Absolutely Viral

3 years
This Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide To Losing Weight has Gone Absolutely Viral

Aaron Bleyaert lost a huge 80lbs. He wrote about his journey on his blog at Tumblr. The post has been spreading like wild fire. The following is an honest account of how he did it.

I lost 80lbs in the past year and worked out to get in shape. Everyone has been asking about the kind of diet I was on, and the frequency in which I work out. To make it easier, I will answer all the questions by giving you 4 essential steps in losing weight!

Do not take fruit juice

Fruit juice contains too much sugar

No beer

Drinking beer is the same as eating seven slices of bread!

Control your portions

Start the meal by eating lean meats and vegetable. It will easily make you lose weight. In restaurants, immediately put half the meal you ordered in a takeout container, to be eater at home later. This is a great method for portion control!

Your heart is broken by someone you love

When you get your heart broken by a girl who has never really loved you, start going to the gym more frequently. Even if you aren’t sure of the proper exercise regimes or you feel too weak to lift the weights, do it till you sweat profusely. Repeat the process and never stop!

You check her Instagram and Facebook posts, which is a mistake. She is having fun, pursuing activities you had asked her to do with you. She seems to be having a great life after breaking up with you, and you seem to be wasting life away in the gym, listening to Taylor Swift.

Your life revolves around 4 things: work, gym, food and sleep.

Learn about your muscles and the way it works in the body. Buy books on nutrition, and practice eating healthful meals, by planning out your weekly meals. You get yourself home after work or gym and have your meal of a single chicken breast and steamed vegetables. After that, you go to sleep, wake up and head to work, then the gym. At the gym, you work out till you sweat a lot.

Run on the treadmill, first on level three, progressing to level four, and then level 6. You feel like dying, but you go ahead to level 10. Remember the pain of your breakup, and it gives you the strength to carry out without falling!

It is good to set your goal weight, and it is like a destination on a hill. If you meet your ex-girlfriend, just focus about your gym and the muscles you are working out tonight. This will help you distract from the pain.

However, it isn’t easy, for your ex tells you that she is dating someone else already. It makes you devastated, and fatigued by the entire thing! You still push yourself to go to the gym, and you work out till it makes you numb in the muscles. You push yourself beyond your capabilities. After a meal of a single chicken breast and steam vegetables, you sleep, and dream of a bottomless, black hole that swallows you entirely.

You communicate with other people at the gym, and pretty soon you see new people working out there. You are officially now one of the regular gym-goers; sometimes being the last to go home after a workout. As you get to the gym earlier, you lengthen the period of the workouts to make it 2 hours. You haven now ran a thousand miles, and lifted thousands of pounds. It makes you sweat more and more!

Your fat body becomes thin, lean and muscular. Set a new goal weight, and achieve it again. You can get new clothes and people compliment you on the new body you have earned through sheer hard work! With the new body and clothes, you get hit on all the time. You get dates easily, and gorgeous women come and talk to you.

Even though dating others becomes easy, it is a mere distraction. All you can be fixated upon is the need to beat your best sprinting time, or research the most suitable shoes for trail running. You couldn’t be bothered about dating. You have stopped drinking alcohol for a few months already, and you rarely go out to bars and parties anyway.

Your ex-girlfriend introduced her new boyfriend to everyone you know. He is taller, better looking and more muscular, and he is also richer, according to your friends. You remember the good times you had had with her, and all the beautiful memories made, but it all doesn’t matter now.

All you can do is to hit the gym and work out, forgetting all that has happened. Soon, you realize that there is a girl in the gym, always working out next to you. She is pretty, and she does these different, odd leg exercises. You avoid staring, because you don’t want her to think of you as the creepy guy at the gym. You continue working out, sweating, eating chicken breasts and veggies, work, sleep, then repeating the process all over again. It makes your life so much simpler, and the only things that matters in your universe right now are you and The Gym.

There comes a time when you realize that, you aren’t the last person to leave the gym after your workout. It is the same girl who you see at the gym constantly. She is Melissa, working in the building next to yours, and she has been working there for 2 years. Melissa invites you to a healthy dinner date on Friday.

You and Melissa meet more often, in the gym and out of the gym, and you get dinners and dessert together. Memories of your ex-girlfriend start fading, and even when she texts you, you don’t reply. It does not matter anymore.

Melissa tells you that she wants to show you something one night, and brings you to the view of the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles on a clear night’s day. She says it is beautiful.

You agree, though it makes you sad. The lights are just cold offices, empty.

She smiles, and squeezes your hand. She agrees that it is empty, but that is because its entire people have gone home to be with their family at night. Those people are enjoying time with their loves ones. She thinks it to be romantic, and you agree too.

Sooner or later, you realize that one day, it has been a year since you started to work out in the gym and run in the park. You reflect back upon all the chicken eaten, sweat pooled, pounds lifted and miles ran. It isn’t about the weight or getting a muscular body, you realized. It is about patience, and waiting, and knowing that life will come back to you, and slowly make things better. Though it is slow, you are accepting of it, because big changes take a lot of time.