Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!

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Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!

A dash of cinnamon always makes your coffee taste better. And cinnamon rolls? They are amazing! But, cinnamon is a lot more than regular spice and taste enhancer. It has an array of health benefits, and you could use it around your household as well.

Can you imagine using cinnamon in your home garden? Yes, you can use it there, too!

Cinnamon helps root cuttings, protects seedlings from fungi and pests. You do not need heavy chemicals and pesticides. Use cinnamon to protect you fragile plants.

We give you the best uses of cinnamon in your home garden.

1. Seedlings

Dampening off applies to various diseases that destroy seedlings before and after germination. That is why your seeds die. Be aware of fungi and soil types. Well, things are about to change here. Cinnamon prevents dampening off. All you have to do is dust the soil with it. This will also free the plant from the little gnats that tend to appear around the seedling tray.

2. Wild mushrooms

Mushrooms are not supposed to grown in your flower beds, right? Pulling these out of the soil is not the best way to spend your day off. Dust some cinnamon over the mulch to prevent mushrooms from growing around your plants.

3. Rooting hormone

Cinnamon is a lot cheaper than conventional chemicals, and it works much better. A single dash of cinnamon to the cutting does miracles. Use it when planting.

4. Ant deterrent

Ants run away from cinnamon! Sprinkle it all over your greenhouse or focus on the area around your garden beds only. This does not kill ants, but it sure keeps them away.

Make sure you sprinkle some in the passage you believe they come through.

5. Plant wounds

Overzealous pruning or a wrong move with your weed whacker may wound your plant, so you better fix it up. Dust some cinnamon onto the ‘wound.’ This will accelerate the healing process and prevent fungal attack at the same time. It is a 2-in-1 product.

6. House plants

Cinnamon will free your house plants from molds and mildew in a great way. A dash of cinnamon onto the soil will solve your problem. This will also keep away gnats that like buzzing around your beloved plants. It is the same ol’ gnats that harass your seedlings. Cinnamon kills off the fungi they feed on, keeping your plant safe and happy.

Use cinnamon for both you and your plants. It is a multipurpose spice that costs less than free.

Taking into consideration its price and power, you are on your way to buy some, right?

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