Relieving Constipation with Your Diet

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Relieving Constipation with Your Diet

Constipation can become a very serious problem. The abdominal pain produced when the body is unable to digest food properly can be unbearable, even more so when we have to continue working despite the pain. Fortunately, one of the most effective remedies for this problem is proper food choices. So which foods should be included in our diet to relieve constipation? Read on to find out!

A proper diet can prevent buildup of excess gas, preventing the stomach from feeling swollen, bloated or cramps. Here are some of the best foods to eat if you suffer from bad digestion or constipation:


Strawberries have a mild laxative effect, ideal for those who suffer from constipation.

In this group we find blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. These fruits are not only delicious and low in calories, but also rich in fiber. Their high fiber content makes them an essential food for relieving constipation, and you can enjoy them with your favorite cereal for breakfast.


Whole grain cereals are another effective food for relieving and preventing constipation.

We all know that cereals are rich in fiber.  Today there is such a wide variety of cereals available. You only have to find out which ones are the most beneficial for your body and choose your favorite.  The most highly recommended cereals are those which are traditional and simple, since they all provide beneficial amounts of fiber.  Cereal should be consumed especially in the morning, accompanied by fruit and a low- or non-fat dairy product, preferably yogurt.  This will help you get off to a good start and enjoy a well-functioning digestive system.

Consumption of several raw fruits is ideal for preventing stomach inflammation and the resulting constipation.

Plums, apples, and pears are highly recommended for their high natural fiber content.  They are excellent for improving the symptoms and discomforts of constipation.


Popcorn is not only healthy but also delicious.

Popcorn is a great option for relieving constipation with your diet as it is low in calories and high in fiber. But remember to reduce the amounts of salt, butter, and sugar you would normally add.  For popcorn to be useful, it is important to keep it as natural as possible.

Whole Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread

Already a favorite among thousands of people the world over, for those suffering from constipation or wishing to maintain a healthy weight, the best recommendation is by replacing white bread with whole wheat bread. Found in cereals rich in fiber, whole wheat can also be found in crackers or chips, and readily enjoyed at breakfast when paired with a delicious papaya juice (for example).

Fruit Smoothies

Make smoothies with red or blue fruits and oatmeal twice a day or every two days.

Smoothies can be made with a combination of different fruits and vegetables, plus one or two tablespoons of oatmeal in each glass. Highly beneficial for preventing and relieving constipation, these tasty smoothing can be enjoyed at breakfast or at any time of day!


Relieving constipation with your diet is possible!  Our most important recommendation is that you eat a variety of high-fiber fruits and cereals and drink a lot of water. Also, refrain from eating baked goods prepared with white flour, reduce your consumption of chocolate and avoid drinking guava juice. Eat fruits with their skin as it contains most of the fruit’s nutrients, including fiber.

To sum it all up, the best thing you can do to maintain good digestion, relieve constipation and prevent future health problems is to eat a balanced diet containing a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and drink lots of water. Your digestive and immune system will thank you!