10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Plantar Warts

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10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Plantar Warts

Are you suffering from plantar warts? Have you been using mainstream medications to treat the condition, but only ended up getting no results? There more than a hundred types of warts caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and each affects differently in different individuals depending upon their immunity and strength.
So, if you are seeking a home remedy to tackle plantar warts, you have come to the right place. This post talks about ten amazing home remedies that can help treat the condition. To know more, keep reading!

How To Remove Plantar Warts Naturally?

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the first choice for treating plantar warts. Although it does not kill the virus, its high acidic levels attack the flesh containing the wart and kill its physical existence. Slowly the skin peels off naturally. The process takes a few days.
Apply 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on the affected areas with a cotton ball or a piece of cotton cloth.
Leave the cotton ball on the wart and secure it using a piece of cloth or gauze.
Repeat this treatment for a week or two, and you will see some swelling or soreness in the region.
Continue the treatment until the wart matures to a black or a darker shade.
Leave it that way. The wart will come off naturally on its own.
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2. Milkweed Milk

Before you start using this remedy, keep in mind that it should not be ingested in any way, as it is extremely poisonous. The cardiac glycoside in milkweed is toxic, and hence, you must keep it away from your pets and kids. Also, do not let it get into your eyes.

Now moving on to the remedy, the milk of the milkweed saps is highly beneficial in treating plantar warts. Milkweed is a wild plant that grows all over the world in the wilderness, along the fields, in the backyard, and also along the roadsides. The sap of the plant is used to digest and dissolve the warts.

Take a pumice stone and rub the wart so that it is slightly exposed.
You can slough off the top layer a bit.
Take a few leaves of the milkweed plant and squeeze the stem’s bottom on a cotton ball to release the milk or the sap.
Apply enough of it so that the entire wart is covered.
Repeat the treatment until the wart matures and peels off.

3. The Banana Mash

The proteolytic enzyme in bananas digests and eats the warts, thereby clearing it completely.

Peel a banana, and using a scrapper scrap the whitish velvet inside the banana peel.
Apply this mush to the warts.
Repeat until the warts have peeled off completely.
4. Vitamin C Boost

Studies say that vitamin C helps to kill the wart virus. To try out the treatment, use lemon juice and a vitamin C tablet.

Pound the vitamin C tablet to a powdered form.
Add a few drops of lemon juice and make a paste. If required, add some water as well.
Apply on the warts and secure with bandage.
Reapply daily until the warts disappear.
5. Antiviral Basil

Basil is known for its anti-viral properties, and since plantar warts are a type of viral infection, basil can certainly be of great help.

Take ¼ cup of fresh basil leaves and rinse them well.
Crush these leaves and apply to the warts.
Secure with a bandage or clean cloth.
Reapply for about 1 to 2 weeks, or until the warts disappear.
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6. Salicylic Acid Preparation

You can try out the over-the-counter salicylic acid preparation that is easily available in a pad, gel, liquid or ointment form. Follow the instructions mentioned on the package and apply it accordingly. Initially, the application might irritate the skin, but keep on applying at regular intervals. It may take more than a month to get rid of a big wart, so continue the treatment until the wart is fully treated.

Before application of the salicylic acid preparation, wash off the affected area with warm water and scrub the area with an emery board, washcloth, or a brush. This will loosen the dead callus tissue and the medication will easily penetrate the warts.

7. Dandelion Milk

If you have dandelions in your backyard, then you do not need to look elsewhere for treating your warts. The dandelion secretes milk with therapeutic properties that help you get rid of warts. Just make sure that you keep on applying it until the wart has disappeared completely.

Pull off the dandelion head and rub the oozing milk directly on the warts.
Cover the area with a bandage.
Apply twice a day for faster results.
8. Manuka Honey

The Manuka honey produced in New Zealand has the highest concentration of antiviral/antibacterial properties, and hence, it is considered the most potent honey produce of all. It is more stable and can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its benefits. Moreover, when applied on warts, it deprives the eruptions of oxygen, ultimately killing them. Make sure that you purchase the original Manuka honey or you may not get the desired results.

File the wart using an emery board and then slather it with a thick layer of honey.
Wrap it with a cotton cloth and leave it on for 24 hours.
Reapply and change the bandage the next day.
9. The Pineapple Juice Soak

Pineapple juice has a high level of acidity and contains a special enzyme that first softens and eats the wart away. Be ready to bear some amount of sting initially.

Take pure organic pineapple juice in a bowl.
Soak the wart in it for 3 to 5 minutes and then pat dry with a towel.
Repeat twice or thrice a day for faster results.
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10. Potato Slice Treatment

Potato is easily available and is one of the cheapest home remedies that can be used to treat plantar warts.

Take a potato, peel it, and cut a circular slice of it.
Rub the potato slice on the wart thrice a day.
You can also lay the peeled brown skin of the potato on the wart when you are not doing any activity.
If the wart is too big, wrap the potato slice with a bandage and leave it on for a day.
Change the bandage daily until the wart is gone.
Now that you know how to remove plantar warts naturally, what are you waiting for? These remedies are not quick fixes. They indeed help in treating the stubborn and persistent warts. You may need to try more than one of these remedies before you are completely rid of the warts.

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